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Chocolate is nice, but jewelry is (much, much) nicer.

So went the thinking of Worthmore Jewelers co-owner Harris Botnick and his team when they conceptualized their new Luxury Locker: a three-dimensional, handmade advent calendar filled with luxury treats, not sweets.

The fine jewelry retailer, based in Atlanta and Decatur, Ga., contracted local artist Jonathan Callicutt to create one-of-a-kind chests that feature small drawers and boxes ready to be filled with jewelry, watches, and accessories. Jewelry lovers can “open” the boxes as they would on an actual advent calendar, progressively in the days leading up to Christmas, or throughout the month by those who celebrate other holidays. Or the giftee can be presented with the filled chest on Christmas morning (beware high-pitched squeals of delight).

After the holidays, the small chests can be displayed as fine artworks, or can be used as bespoke jewelry boxes.

We asked Harris to tell us more about this fun and inventive holiday initiative:

JCK: Where did the idea for these chests come from?

Harris Botnick: One of our crew members in our midtown store, Kate Jolley, approached me and said, “What do you think of doing a unique advent calendar, Worthmore-style?” My first response was, “What is an advent calendar?” (Proud Jewish boy here!)

Once she explained and showed me pictures, I knew this was a perfect idea that our customers would love. We have chosen to call the Worthmore box “Luxury Locker,” which is a name that another one of our crew members, Laura Kaplowitz, coined. We wanted something fun-sounding that was in alignment with Worthmore’s mission of being all-inclusive.

Worthmore Advent Calendar box
A Worthmore Luxury Locker stuffed with jewelry, a watch, and a Louis Vuitton clutch
Worthmore advent box back
A Luxury Locker, handmade by artist Jonathan Callicutt, with all the drawers closed

Tell us about Jonathan Callicutt, the artist who made the chest.

Both locations of Worthmore also sell fine art and Jonathan is one of our favorite artists—he works in a variety of mediums. When we decided to bring this idea to life, I knew the box itself had to be special and a work of art. I reached out to Jonathan and explained the idea. He loved it and created these special one-of-a-kind boxes.

We constantly have customers requesting nice jewelry boxes. We have never found one premade that spoke to us artistically, so this project truly is special for us.

How do clients pick out the items that go in the box?

We’re putting together some boxes with some of our favorite pieces included. People can choose to go with our preselected choices or customize the selection to their choices, including items that may already be on their wish list. This can really be customized to hit any price point they desire, from $2,000 to $100,000-plus!

The current configuration of the box has eight doors but can hold more than eight gifts. We’re currently working on one that will have 24 doors to cover the entire month leading up to Christmas. We anticipate this version being $8,000 up to “sky’s the limit.”

The jewelry box without gifts sells for $1,200, so once stocked with gifts, the box is practically free!

Do you anticipate a strong holiday season?

Hope so! We are amazed and so grateful at how strong business has been since we were able to safely reopen back in May. Based on how strong the summer months have been, we are planning for a very busy holiday season. Our inventory looks great, our staff is ready, and there is no doubt that people are ready to celebrate something happy.

Top: A Luxury Locker filled with men’s items (all photos courtesy of Worthmore Jewelers)