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Do you do ring sizing?

How much is it to size a ring?

Great question! That depends on several factors, which require answers to the following questions. We recommend bringing the ring in for us to inspect it and get all these answers for you, but if you want to know what we are looking for, here is a concise list of factors below:

Are we sizing up or down? We account for the metal removed as credit towards the cost of sizing the ring when going down, and the cost of the metal we must add in when sizing up, so the prices can vary accordingly.

How many sizes? For example: from a 6 to a 7 would be one size up, from an 8 to a 6 would be two sizes down.  If you don’t know the answer to this question then please bring the ring in with the person who will be wearing it so we can size their finger. If you believe you know the ring size it needs to be we will size it to that size, but if the ring needs to be a different size in the future we will still need to charge for that 2nd sizing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ring size is personal preference so we can only advise you on the size, but ultimately the ring size is the customer’s decision. Think of it like pants: Some people like baggy pants, some people like skinny jeans, and some people like something in between, and on some days your pants will feel tighter or looser than other days. How much salt or alcohol you’ve consumed, how much exercise you’ve had just before coming in, and how hot, cold, or humid the weather is can all affect your ring size. Worthmore will happily size your ring to the size you choose, but we are not liable if you decide later that another size feels better and need to resize the ring again.

What metal is the ring made of? Some examples are: sterling silver; 14k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold; 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold; platinum.

How wide is the base of the ring (less than 3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, more than 8mm)? 

How many stones are set in the ring, what shape are the stones, and what style of setting (prong, channel, flush set, bezel)? 

All these factors affect the difficulty of the sizing and whether we will have to go back over the stones to tighten them after the sizing.





Other Services We Offer

Can you restring my necklace/bracelet? 

Yes! It is $7.00 per inch if you want the strand to be knotted (recommended), and usually $5.00 per inch if the strand does not need knots between the beads/pearls/etc. There are some exceptions for particularly difficult restringing jobs, so the best way to get a price is to bring the piece in and have one of our jewelry experts check the piece and give you a final price.

Do y'all do appraisals? 

Yes! Our fabulous GG, Laura K, does our in-house appraisals. Your first appraisal with Worthmore is $95.00, each appraisal after will be $65.00, all appraisals come with a lifetime of free updates. To make an appraisal appointment, click HERE.

Some other services we offer are:

Untangling necklaces/chains/jewelry, jewelry and watch cleaning, and some basic refinishing or polishing. If you only have a few pieces then these services are usually free, however if you bring in enough that it will take our associates a long time to get through, then we have to charge a small maintenance fee to account for our time, knowledge, and materials.  If we must charge, then we will inform you of the fact before we start the cleaning process.


Worthmore also offers FREE jewelry cleaning! When we clean your jewelry, we will also look over your stones to make sure they are still tight in their setting, which is an important part of preventative care! We would much rather find out a stone is loose or your prongs need some work, than for you to lose a cherished part of your ring, like your diamond from your engagement ring! If they are loose, we will let you know and you can decide if you want to leave the piece with us, or take it to another jeweler for repair.