Your Personalized Gifting Experience

In a world where so much is becoming cookie cutter and people are becoming numbers, do not let your gift recipients get lost in the hustle and bustle this holiday season. While time saving efforts are great in some arenas, when it comes to gifting the ones we care about and love, a personalized gifting experience is vital, and can be fun!

Why Choose Jewelry?

We all know jewelry is one of the more personal gifts to give and receive. And let's face it, who does not like to receive jewelry? Duh. The answer to that is no one! But, being the giver of such a gift can be complicated and intimidating, right? We know! We are right there with you and for you! This is why it matters WHERE you shop as much as it matters WHAT you are shopping for. If jewelry is your gift of choice, well, you automatically become the favorite gift giver ever! However,  you also need to shop with a jewelry store that offers a personalized shopping  experience. 

What To Look For?

Shopping in the holiday season (or any time for that matter) can be overwhelming. The choices of products and also providers of those products, is indeed endless. So, what are some key things to look for when choosing where to bring your business and choose the perfect gift for your loved ones? The first thing is to avoid getting lost in a big box store. Yes, big box stores have their place and their strengths, but personalized shopping or gifting experiences is not one of them. So, secondly,  you will want to look for a store that offers a more intimate shopping experience. You want experienced Sales Associates, who will ask the right questions and help eliminate the overwhelming nature of choosing the perfect gift for whomever is on your list. Repeat shopping is by far the best way to really hit it out of the park in this regard. Find a trusted store, and keep going back. These types of stores and Associates remember you, and the loved ones you are shopping for. This is crucial! 

Choosing The Right Store

In light of gifting a personalized gift, and establishing that jewelry is among the highest in personal gifts to give, let’s see where we begin to find the RIGHT jewelry store. Well, first, find a jeweler that is small enough to care, but big enough to provide options. Find a trusted jeweler, one that has experience and integrity. Find a jeweler who cares about you and your gift recipients. This is hard to find in our day and age, but there are still a few gems out there, we guarantee it (pun intended)! Worthmore Jewelers is  here to be that trusted jeweler for you. Our staff are not simply Sales Associates, they are true jewelry stylists that will advise you on the latest fashion and styles. Worthmore will go above and beyond to offer you a personalized and authentic gift giving experience. Even if, at the end of all of our quest to find the perfect piece, you decide on a gift card, we can create this as a “Personal Shopping Experience” for your gift recipient. With a little notice and heads up, we can have an appointment made, champagne and chocolates served, and take your loved one on a tour to their perfectly chosen gift! This is why where you shop matters JUST as much as what you are shopping for! Being a “number” as a shopper will result in giving a gift that struggles to stand out and communicate what the gift actually symbolizes. When you stand out as a shopper to store, your gift will then stand out! Personal touches still matter! Let’s not lose the human touch in the busy rush this holiday season. Shop Worthmore Jewelers… and you will soon see why many have chosen Worthmore as their trusted jeweler and their gift giving stylist!