Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

There are many reasons diamonds are such popular gemstones, one of which is their sparkle, known as their brilliance. When the light hits them just right, diamonds can become dazzling. However, while all diamonds possess brilliance, some diamond cuts are noticeably brighter than others. If you want to find a diamond that is full of fire, read on to learn more.

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

When discussing which diamond sparkles the most, starting with what makes a diamond shine in the first place is essential. Diamonds contain numerous surfaces, which are called facets. These facets act like mirrors, redirecting outside light between them until it grows in intensity, giving a diamond its brilliance. 

The amount of facets, the placement of the facets, and the overall finish of the diamond can add to the sparkle of the diamond, but also can detract if not proportioned ideally. This is referred to as the cut of the diamond. Cut should not be confused with shape, (like round, square, emerald etc) or with facet pattern, (like step, or brilliant) but it is a direct reference to the precision of the cutter and how the diamond sparkles.  While smaller facets act like mirrors, larger ones are closer to prisms, splitting the light into different observable colors. Whereas brilliance refers explicitly to a diamond's ability to reflect white light, fire measures the reflection of colored light through larger facets.

Spacing between facets can also affect the appearance and intensity of a diamond's brilliance and fire. The closer together the facets sit, the more strongly they reflect light. Some of the most brilliant diamonds have consistently close facets, spaced an even distance from each other throughout the entire diamond structure.

However, irregularly placed facets can lead to a dark spot in a diamond. This dark spot, usually in the center of the diamond, stems from a poorly cut diamond. 

Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Brilliance?

This is one of the questions we get asked the most and you will hear many opinions on this question. We do feel, the diamond cut with the most brilliance and fire is the round brilliant cut. Invented in 1919 by Belgian mathematician, Marcel Tolkowsky, the brilliant cut was designed to maximize the number of facets without sacrificing integrity or appearance to meet the requirements for being called a brilliant cut diamond.

The round brilliant cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts because of its intense sparkle and how versatile it is for all size hands. This intense sparkle comes from the highly proportionate and evenly spaced facets on the round brilliant cut diamond. In addition, larger round cuts have a more intense fire because of their more substantial facets.

Other Diamond Cuts With A High Degree Of Brilliance

Many of the other shapes of diamonds have even more facets than the round brilliant cut, so many feel they display the most sparkle.

Heart and Princess Cut

Heart and princess cut diamonds are designed to reflect about 70% of the light that enters them, giving them a fantastic sparkle. 


The Marquise is the oldest diamond cut in existence, originating in the 18th century. Initially intended only for diamonds, it has spread to other gems over time. Lore tells us that the marquise cut was commissioned by King Louis XV of France, who instructed a diamond cutter to cut a diamond in the shape that resembled the lips of his mistress. Over time this shape was refined into what we know today as the marquise cut. 


Though Oval cut diamonds have the same number of facets as round cut diamonds, their shape causes their facets to be different sizes and spaced more irregularly, Ovals are currently trending heavily and many feel give a larger look than their weight compared to other shapes. 


Every diamond shape can be cut ideally or poorly, each having their own unique sparkle. When it comes to finding the perfect diamond for you or your loved ones, brilliance is one factor you will have to consider. Depending on the cutter’s skill and motives, each diamond shape can be cut to varying standards. You really need to see a diamond in person and compare it to other similar stones to understand the difference a well cut diamond makes in its sparkle. Just like people, no two diamonds are identical in every way.  Contact us for more information or if you're looking for a brilliant diamond of your own.