What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

Hey there, y'all!

Ever find yourself marveling at the sparkle and shine of a friend’s diamond from across the table? At Worthmore Jewelers, we're always geeking out over unique stones and jewelry designs. Today, let's get chummy over the Radiant Cut Diamond - an often overlooked, but shining star in our glittering universe of gems!

The Backstory on the Radiant Cut

This dazzling darling made its grand entrance in the 1970s. Unlike the traditional, sometimes predictable cuts, the radiant is a breath of fresh air! It's a bold testament of being unique, while still being timeless.

Let’s Dive into its Sparkling Features

  • Shape and Design: Think of it as the lovechild of the round and emerald cuts - a perfect blend of facets full of fire.
  • Faceting: With around 70 facets (yeah, that's a lot!), it promises a brilliance that can make anyone go 'wow'.
  • Visual Vibes: Envision the fire of a round diamond mingling with the stylish lines of a classic emerald cut diamond. A match made in heaven, right?

Why Go Radiant?

  • Versatility: No matter your style, radiant cut complements almost any setting and hand. At Worthmore Jewelers, we're all about options and unique jewelry designs.
  • That Worthmore Sparkle: Thanks to its distinct faceting, it sparkles like a star.
  • Play Hide and Seek: This diamond has a knack for hiding those tiny birthmarks, some call inclusions. 

The Radiant and its Pals

Curious how it stacks up against other popular diamond cuts? Here's the lowdown:

  • Radiant vs. Princess Cut: While both are square-ish, the radiant's angled edges make it a tad more rebellious. Just how we like it at Worthmore!
  • Radiant vs. Emerald Cut: The emerald is all about those clean lines, but the radiant? It's got that, plus the extra sparkle.
  • Radiant vs. Cushion Cut: The cushion is soft and romantic, but the radiant? It’s like the fun, edgy cousin!

Shopping Tips Straight from Worthmore

Here's some insider info:

  • Hunt for proper proportions, and we are here to help you with that. Trust us; it's all about that brilliance, and that only comes from properly proportioned diamonds. All stones with the same weight, shape, color, and clarity, are not the same. 
  • Decide on a shape - square or rectangular, and we'll help you find the best length-to-width ratio, that will ensure your stone is a beauty. 
  • Clarity and color play their parts. But don't fret; our American Gem Society membership ensures you're getting the crème de la crème of gemological expertise.


The radiant cut diamond is truly a gem (pun intended!) that celebrates innovation, brilliance, and breaking tradition. We, at Worthmore Jewelers, are head over heels for it, and there are so many fun ways to set it.  Want to experience its sparkle first-hand? Stop by Wednesday - Sunday and enjoy a refreshing drink while checking out the radiants. 

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