What Diamond Shape Looks Best On Short Fingers?

It's no secret that engagement rings are all about the diamond. But did you know that the shape of the diamond can actually have an effect on the way it looks on your finger? If you've got short fingers, you might want to steer clear of certain shapes that can make your fingers look even shorter. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the best diamond shape for your short fingers.

1. Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings, and it's easy to see why. They're classic, they're timeless, and they go with just about any ring style. If you've got short fingers, round diamonds are the best choice. 

2. Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are long and narrow, which can actually help to make your fingers look longer and slender. If you've got short fingers and you want to make them look longer, a marquise diamond is a great choice. Just be sure to choose a setting that will help to protect the points of the diamond, as they can be easily damaged.

3. Pear-shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are another good option for short fingers. Like marquise diamonds, they're long and slender, which can help to make your fingers look longer. Pear-shaped diamonds are also a great choice if you want something a little bit different. 

4. Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are the perfect choice if you want to add a little bit of romance to your ring. They're also a good choice if you've got short fingers and you want to make them look longer. 

5. Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds have a bit softer outline than some of the other shapes. They're also a good choice if you've got short fingers and you want to make them look longer. 

6. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are made to emphasize long parallel step cuts along with corners to create the likes of an octagon shape. This type of diamond will look great on short fingers as it will give an elongated appearance to your hand. 

7. Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds are symmetrical, elongated rounded shapes which possess a similar level of fire and brilliance to that of a round diamond. An oval cut diamond is a very flattering shape. It tends to look very attractive on short square shaped hands as it counteracts the shape with soft curves and its elongated shape helps elongate the look of your fingers.

Final Verdict

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