What Are Mens Wedding Bands Made Of?

The modern groom has choices! Whether you are partial to classic yellow gold, or an alternative metal  like tungsten carbide studded with stones, it is worth getting to know the materials available so you can make an informed decision that will suit your lifestyle, personal taste, and budget. 

The Golds

It is called the gold standard for a reason. This metal is both timeless and versatile, soft enough to resize if needed, and is renowned throughout history for its luster and shine.  You can stick to tradition with solid color bands in white, yellow, and rose hues, or you can mix it up, literally, with bands of swirling hues for a unique and modern take on this classic metal. Pure gold is very soft and comes out of the earth bright yellow. The metal then has various alloys added, changing its purity and color. 

The Platinums

This group of metals includes both platinum and its lighter cousin, palladium. Both are rare earth minerals, extremely similar in color,  and very lustrous. Since platinum has a greater density than palladium (more pure metal in the same looking ring), platinum jewelry will be more expensive than palladium jewelry. Both metals will get a natural patina and since they come out of the earth white, they always keep their white color.  


Of the many ring materials available, titanium is an option for grooms that want something a bit different. Titanium’s gray color sets it apart from the platinum and gold family metals. It is also the lightest weight and most durable of metals used in jewelry. Titanium is also a great choice for anyone with metal allergies. Titanium cannot be sized, but reputable companies do offer size exchanges at nominal fees if a new size ring is ever needed.  

Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt chrome is a popular choice for men's wedding bands because it is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic. This material is a blend of cobalt and chromium, which gives it a bright white luster and a modern, sleek look that is often compared to platinum. Unlike traditional metals like gold or silver, cobalt chrome is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a great choice for men who work with their hands or lead an active lifestyle. Additionally, cobalt chrome is hypoallergenic, meaning it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin. 

Stainless Steel

It may surprise some people to see stainless steel as a wedding ring material, but this versatile metal is rising in popularity as a jeweler's medium. It is strong, tarnish resistant, lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and can come in unique patterns and designs. 


Tantalum is a relatively new material for rings. Tantalum  has become popular for men's wedding bands due to its unique properties. It is a rare, blue-gray metal that is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching, making it another ideal choice for men who lead an active lifestyle or work with their hands. Tantalum is also known for its high density, which gives it a substantial feel on the finger. It is hypoallergenic and biocompatible, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.  The unique color and texture of tantalum also sets it apart from other metals, giving men a stylish and distinctive option for their wedding band. 

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is yet another popular choice for men's wedding bands. It is a heavy, dense metal that is four times harder than titanium and almost ten times harder than gold, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. Tungsten carbide is also highly scratch-resistant, meaning that it will maintain its shine and appearance over time. It is a hypoallergenic material, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin, as well. Tungsten carbide is also highly affordable compared to other metals, making it a great option for men who want a high-quality wedding band without spending too much.

Mixed Mediums

Stuck between two different varieties of metal? Why not choose both? Mixed mediums can offer some of the most unique and artistic options for grooms who want a little more style to their jewelry. Adding rare materials, such as gemstones or even meteorite, can offer a more uncommon option for men who like a little extra. Other materials that make a one of a kind band are Mokume Gane and Damascus. These two art forms date back to ancient samurai sword making techniques, where metals are forged, layered and folded to make these beautiful works of art.  


Worthmore Jewelers offers a variety of wedding bands, both with and without stones, made of different materials, including gold, platinum, silver, and titanium. Depending on the customer's preference, the jeweler can create a unique ring to symbolize their union. Whether the wedding couple are looking for a traditional band or something more unique, Worthmore Jewelers has the perfect option for them.