How To Purchase Preowned Designer Handbags

It is  thrilling to find  a pre-loved luxury designer handbag at a favorable price.  But, keep in mind,  the secondhand bag market can be overwhelming at times. So, whether you are brand new to the luxury secondhand market or a pro, when it comes to purchasing a preowned handbag, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

Third Party Authentication

When surveying the myriad of options available on the  second hand designer bag  market , it is only natural (and wise) to be suspicious of counterfeit bags. This is why it is important to only consider buying bags that are authenticated by a legitimate, independent third party. Today , the counterfeit bag market is huge worldwide and it  can be difficult to spot a fake . This is why  you must be sure you are looking at  a genuine handbag. 

What Condition Is The Bag In?

Even though the handbag you are considering is pre-loved , this does not change the significant investment you are about to make, so it is important to check the condition of the bag.  Also, many preloved handbag purchases are a “final sale”, so you want to make a good, well thought out  decision.  You will need to check on the inside, the outside, bottom, and all trim pieces. Find out if all of  the original accessories are included. You will also want to be sure all zippers, snaps, buttons, and moving parts are in good working order. Since many people carry cosmetics in their bags, you will also want to be sure the bag doesn’t have any odors. Bags with original boxes, dust bags, tags and original paperwork can carry a premium. 

A Season For Everything

The pre-loved designer  handbag business is very similar  to the luxury watch market, in that many styles enjoy reselling success in secondary markets. Many pre-loved designer  bags are timeless and iconic, so keep in mind, you can carry, collect and enjoy your bags at any time of the year then, trade them in for a new addition to your collection when you’re ready to move on. You can love a bag for a season and move on to the next bag that makes your toes tingle. Oh, the wonderful cyclical world of pre-loved designer bags! 

Do Your Contents Fit Inside?

Another important and very practical area you will want to give some attention to is checking the inside of your handbag to be sure all the contents you desire to place inside, will actually fit. Oftentimes, people will fall in love with a handbag and realize they can’t even fit their cell phone, car keys and lipstick!  Finding a bag that is in great condition, is lovely, but does not serve its purpose of encapsulating all of your  items can be very frustrating. So, be sure to check this box thoroughly and thoughtfully.


Once you check off the above recommendations, we would say you are good to go! If a bag speaks to you, we would say go for it… you never know how long it will be waiting for you.   If you find yourself struggling to find quality or authentic preowned handbags, you will want to turn to a source you can trust. Worthmore Jewelers  is here to be that voice of authentication for you in your journey to owning your next pre-loved designer handbag. We can help eliminate a lot of the overwhelm and worry and help you to focus on the excitement that comes with such a fun purchase! Shop with us today by calling 404-892-8294 and/or come in to our Midtown Atlanta  location to check out our collection of pre-loved luxury designer  handbags. We are sure you will find many treasures! The last piece of the puzzle is simply to enjoy your wonderful new bag and give yourself a pat on the back for venturing into the pre-loved market. We are sure you will agree, it is an adventure well worth it!