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About Us


Worthmore Jewelers began in 1994 in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The store started with a mission to combine strikingly beautiful jewelry with an adventurous, unique atmosphere. The Worthmore approach has always been to embrace the strange and build a passionate team through open-mindedness and honest communication.

After great success with the Atlanta store, an art gallery was renovated to house the second Worthmore location on the Decatur Square in 2008.

With its gallery roots, it was only natural for Worthmore owners Harris and Geri Botnick to begin displaying and selling fine art in the Decatur store. After seeing the positive reaction from customers, Worthmore decided to incorporate art into the Midtown Atlanta location offerings as well.

It all paid off too because, in 2013, Worthmore Jewelers’ Decatur store won Coolest Store in America by InStore Magazine. Jewelers’ Circular Keystone (JCK) also ranked Worthmore as the number three jewelry retailer out of 25,000 in the United States in 2013. Worthmore has been named “Best in Atlanta” by Atlanta magazine, Creative Loafing, Insite, CBS News, Southern Voice, and the Sunday Paper, as well as “Best of Yelp” and “Best to do Business With” in the jewelry trade.

Harris, Geri, and the entire Worthmore Jewelers team strive every day to provide the best in fine jewelry, watches, custom design, and art with above and beyond customer service.

Our Owners

Harris Botnick began work in the jewelry industry after completing training with the Gemological Institute of America in 1988. Harris, his wife, Geri Botnick, and partner Joan Wasser, opened Worthmore Jewelers in 1993 with the desire for a jewelry store that would cater to all groups. The Decatur location opened in 2008 as a partnership between Harris and Geri Botnick, Joan Wasser, and Peggy Rainbow.

The original goal of offering top quality jewelry and watches at great prices has since expanded, and the Worthmore Jewelers of today offers unique, eclectic pieces that can’t be found in other stores coupled with a passionate staff to deliver the best possible service to Worthmore customers. Worthmore Jewelers also specializes in custom design, jewelry repair, and watch restoration.

Harris most enjoys Worthmore’s unique atmosphere where a surprise is always right around the corner and customers are sure to leave with a smile on their face.

You can contact Harris by email (harris@worthmorejewelers.com) or visit the Atlanta or Decatur location.

Our People

Harris Botnick — Owner

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! Staying focused on this one quote by Charles Schultz helps me to keep Worthmore Jewelers unique and fun. You will notice the first time you visit either location of Worthmore that we are not your average jewelry and watch store.

I have been in the jewelry business since 1987, and completed my Gemological Institute of America diamond training in 1988.

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Geri Botnick — Owner

I own this store. My husband just works here. If you see him slacking off, please notify me immediately at geri@worthmorejewelers.com.

Joan Wasser — Co-Owner

You won't see me a lot on the sales floor, as I head up the back room. My name is Joan, and I have been a part of Worthmore since the idea for the store was hatched. I wear many hats at Worthmore, from bookkeeper to buyer, sales to master organizer.

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Peggy Rainbow — Vice President, Head of Custom, Repair, and Appraisal Departments

I started part time with Worthmore Jewelers, Inc. in 1996. As soon as Harris realized what an awesome asset I was to Worthmore, he begged me to start full time. Finally, after a year of listening to him beg, I felt sorry for him and decided to help him out.

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Lauren Barnes

Born and raised in Georgia, I’m a true Southern girl at heart. I completed my education at Georgia State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Hospitality Administration. I tried out the corporate world for a bit but quickly realized that it wasn't for me. I discovered that my true passions were design, people, and of course FUN! That's what brought me to Worthmore and can I just say...best decision ever.

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Juliana "Boo" Berry

Once upon a time, decades before my time, a man, my father, joined in a partnership with Ron Downing, Worthmore's current master jeweler, to create beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. Years passed, and the men went their separate ways, only to be reunited years later.

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Laura Foster

We're thrilled to offer Laura Foster a full time position at our Decatur location. 

Laura Foster graduated with a BFA from the University of Georgia in Jewelry/Metals and Art Education in December 2012. In school she specialized in sculptural works, from blacksmithing to iron casting, as well as more delicate work like filigree, enameling, and wax carving. She has always loved art and helping others, and is very excited to be joining the Worthmore team!   She is the proud mom of five chinchillas, a western hognose snake, and a blue-tongued skink. She also dabbles in book making, carving stamps, and photography, and enjoying the little things in life.


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Olya Lubneuskaya — Manager

I am a girl from Belarus (Google it for fun)! I have been a part of Team Worthmore since 2003 and I am still loving it ! I have started out as a part timer at our Atlanta location and soon discovered my passion for jewelry and gemstones. It didnt take long for me to work at Worthmore full time. I have been running our Decatur location with my amazing team since 2008 so come on by, get a hug and see why Decatur is greater !

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Leslie Hines

Hi Y'all! I'm Leslie. I’m originally from L.A. (Lower Alabama), and Monroeville to be exact (the small town of To Kill A Mockingbird fame). Apparently I have a very distinct accent, which seems to be a great source of amusement for my co-workers, so I suppose I'll keep it.

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Michael Logan

Hello my name Michael Logan. I wear many hats - or should I say uniforms - at Worthmore. I started at Worthmore in late 2002 as the security guard. After some time, the Worthmore crew always joked that I knew where everything in the cases was.

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Glenn McElroy

I share a similar story with other Worthmore employees: long-time customer, personal friends with Worthmore VP, Peggy Rainbow, very favorable impression of the store and owners. Combined with a job that only required a few hours of work per week, a personal desire to get out of the house and interact with people, and Peggy asking if I would consider working part-time at the Decatur location for the holidays in 2010, this is how I ended up at Worthmore! I started part-time at Decatur, moved to part-time at Midtown, and eventually found myself working full time, four days per week.

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Jonathan Paz — Shown with Sweetie Pie courtesy of Kirby and Laine

Hey, my name is Jonathan, also known as “Paz”. I began working at Worthmore in 2012, but have been around the jewelry business my entire life.

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Katy Reichert

Born and raised in the lovely (but small) Southern city of Thomasville, Georgia, I have lived in the Atlanta area for five years now, and am glad to now call this city my home. I embarked on my big city journey to be a part of the Actor's Express Acting Internship program and decided to hang around after the year was up. I have my B.A. in Theatre from Berry College, and just in case any of you were wondering, I am a huge musical theatre nerd (especially if it involves Stephen Sondheim). Any conversations are more than welcome in that department!

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Rachel Reuter

My name is Rachel Reuter, sometimes referred to as fairy, and though I am the youngest of the bunch I like to think it means I just have more energy and enthusiasm.

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Beth Stutzman

I have been a part of Worthmore Jewelers since 1995. I have been in the jewelry business since 1984. I had worked with Harris for three years in the past and was thrilled when he contacted me to come to Worthmore, where I am in charge of all special order.

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Alex Velker

I started working part-time at Worthmore in May 2013. I’m currently working on my BS in Environmental Geology at Georgia State. I’m thankful that I’m able to work with such friendly people in a happy environment.

Snorkel Sam Botnick

Snorkel Sam Botnick

As of April 2008, I am Worthmore's newest Greeter. I know I have some big paws to fill following in Scuba Steve's paw prints. I'm still pretty much of a puppy and learning my job, so if I don't get up out of the doorway when you are trying to walk in, or I jump up and try to lick your face or steal your snack, please forgive me.


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Molli Botnick

Alex Wasser

Susan Silver

Kathy Canales

Ashley Ellott — Art Wrangler

Raina Wolfe

Our Philosophy

We’ve declared it on our website, spoken it in both the Amsterdam Walk and Decatur Square locations, and encouraged it through each customer interaction.

We chose the name Worthmore Jewelers as a symbol for what Harris Botnick hoped the store to be when he first opened in 1994. We want everything from the jewelry, to the employees, to the art adorning the walls to be Worth More.

We bring the eclectic, the beautiful, and the truly unique all together in one place for our customers. We didn’t become one of the Top Three Design Stores in the US or Best to do Business With on accident, though. We like to credit our success to the adoption of ten standards (thank you, Zappos!) that represent who we are and what we do at Worthmore Jewelers.

Store Hours

Worthmore is open to the public year round Wednesday through Sunday. Hours are extended for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Midtown Hours:

Decatur Hours:

Hope to see you soon!

Locations and Directions

Amsterdam Walk
500-L3 Amsterdam Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306


From GA 400 traveling south exit at Sidney Marcus Blvd. At the bottom of the ramp turn right onto Sidney Marcus. Sidney Marcus ends into Piedmont, turn left onto Piedmont. (From Buckhead pick up Piedmont from Peachtree) You will be traveling towards town. Stay on Piedmont to Monroe Drive and turn left onto Monroe Drive. (As a landmark there is a large Caribou Coffee shop on the corner.) Once on Monroe go to the 3rd stoplight and turn right onto Amsterdam Ave. (Amsterdam is residential at the top) As soon as you turn you will see a large sign at the bottom of the hill for our shopping center, Amsterdam Walk. Worthmore is located on the lower level of the center.

Traveling 75 south exit at 10th street and turn left, traveling 75 north exit 10th street and turn right. Stay on 10th street until it ends (you will see Piedmont Park on your left) and turn left onto Monroe Drive. Once on Monroe go to your 2nd stoplight and turn left onto Amsterdam Ave. (Amsterdam is residential at the top) As soon as you turn you will see a large sign at the bottom of the hill for our shopping center, Amsterdam Walk. Worthmore is located on the lower level of the center.

Decatur Square
117 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030


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Featured in In Store Magazine as

Jewelers Circular and Keystone



This note is to say a very big thank you to both of you for the excellent service Patrick and I received through the process of selecting and ordering our wedding rings.

It was a pleasure to work with a company that offers such quality personal attention to each customer; we will, and have done so, recommend Worthmore Jewelers to others!

Michelle & Patrick J.