Rpaige Watches

I did not think it possible for my watch obsession to grow, but it haaaaassssss! Thanks to one of my blogger friends, Barbara Palumbo from Whats On Her Wrist and Adornmentality I was introduced to the world of Microbrand and Boutique Watches! Talk about going down a rabbit hole, I have not been so excited about discovering new watch brands since I first started collecting.

So, what is a microbrand or a boutique brand; typically, a watch line made by a watch enthusiast who is tired of seeing the same watch brand in every store and on every wrist. They feel like they can offer something superior in design and quality. These are not giant companies producing thousands of watches a year. They are typically an individual, or a tight team making 20 – 100 watches a year. Each piece is created with the utmost attention to detail, and many are one of a kind.

Due to my obsession with these brands, I find myself spending hours each day searching for the true stand out watch makers in this fast-growing field. Much of what I see looks like another well know brand or is made with parts that do little to excite me. Just like searching for great jewelry designers, eventually the hunt pays off, and I find a watchmaker creating timepieces that blows me away in both quality and design.

Some recent discoveries, which we have sold out of, include a collaboration from Chris Ploof and Geoffrey Roth, four, one of a kind pieces from Fernando Ronzo, and our latest acquisition is a collection by Richard Paige of The Rpaige Watch Company. Richard is a 4th generation watchmaker (re)creating the most unique collection of wristwatches I have seen. Richard calls his creations “Wrocket” as he has designed a wrist watch made from pocket watches originally produced between 1897 and 1929. Richard takes the movement and dials from these American classics, services the movements and assembles them into art deco inspired watch cases of his design.

Each Wrocket is truly one of a kind. These watches were made during a time when one watch maker, and one dial artist made a piece start to finish. The watch dials were artistically hand detailed, each one having a unique look from its creator. Keep in mind, the technology of the mechanical wristwatch has not changed since the late 1800s. The quality of the parts and the care of their assembly makes these movements far superior to most of watches produced today. With proper care, there is no reason these time pieces will not continue to bring future generations years of enjoyment. Each Rpaige watch comes with an international one-year warranty, sapphire front crystal, display back crystal, quick change watch strap, and a history like no other watch in your collection! Stop by to see the Rpaige collection today and you too will be hooked on this special microbrand.