This location provided my fiancé and I with the utmost care. We ordered engagement rings that had to be resized several times and we ordered two custom made rings by the artist George Sawyer. Laura was our consultant and she helped us feel comfortable with our selection, sizing, ordering, and payment. Laura is an exceptional consultant who greatly relieved our stress of the ring-purchasing process; Worthmore was a wonderful, local shop with superior quality products and customer service. We will return here for all our jewelry needs.

Jen Mehan (Google Review)

I bought my fiance’s engagement ring here. It was the first and last place we looked because of how well they handled everything. Great selection, low pressure, and didn’t break the bank. We’ll be buying our wedding bands here.

Chad Polstra (Google Review)

My wife had put some items on her wishlist at Worthmore which made my life VERY easy! I went in told them her name and they showed me what she liked. I picked a necklace on her list, and told the person helping me I wanted to do a bit more. She helped me pick out a great pair of earrings that my wife loved. She gift wrapped everything for me at no charge. The whole visit took 15 min. max! I will be going back for our anniversary in September.

Jerry Dell (Google Review)

Having been to jewelers in NYC, NJ and Atlanta, we really appreciated the relaxed and normal atmosphere in Worthmore. We felt welcome (which was rare in the jewelry stores we went to) and we were allowed to ask questions, try on rings, get creative and decided to do a custom ceylon sapphire/black rhodium-white gold wedding band for my now husband. We live outside outside GA, so we emailed with Laura, changed specs and saw photos as soon as she got the ring! All in all, we’d go back to Worthmore for any other jewelry needs we have. Thanks!

Tracy Brown (Google Review)

Worthmore was the best experience when it came time to get my fiance’s engagement ring. I needed a low pressure environment and this is it. They actually respect you saying, “I am just looking” and are happy but not over eager to answer any questions you might have! I had grown weary due to my experiences with the other guys outside of the perimeter and found their low pressure approach refreshing. They let us pick out a ring we liked at a price point we liked. It more like an advice session rather than a sales pitch. Already been back to get our wedding bands. This will be one of the few places I trust for buying jewelry going forward.

Kevin Goreham (Google Review)

Currently in the process of ring shopping for my soon to be fiancé. I’ve visited their location a couple times and know I won’t be checking out any other options for the same reasons posted in previous comments. NO pressure, great environment, nice jewelry selection, flexible pricing options and they’ve also offered complimentary drinks which is always a plus. My best jewelry shopping experience thus far!!!

Kelsey Patterson (Google Review)

Thrilled with Worthmore!  Have worked with them twice in the last two months and both experiences were outstanding.

1) In December, I needed to repair the clasp on a bracelet that had broken.   Even though I did not buy the piece originally at Worthmore, they were very helpful in working with me to select the right clasp that would work for the bracelet, gave me cash for selling the old (gold) clasp to them, and fixed it in less than two weeks – during the holidays!  Awesome.  And they helped me find a little screw for another (costumem jewelry) bracelet I needed to fix – for free.  That was at the Amsterdam Ave. location.

2) In January, my hubby asked for a Nixon watch for his birthday.  THE DAY BEFORE HIS BIRTHDAY.  So I sent a panicked email to Worthmore.  They had the watch!  They put it aside for me, gift wrapped it and Boom! birthday gift solved.  The hubby was thrilled and so am I.

Thank you Worthmore!  We will be back!

Jill A. (Yelp Review)

I came in yesterday with a J.Crew Collection necklace that had broken in three places on a recent trip. I was bummed and hoped it wouldn’t end up costing a fortune to fix. I was immediately greeted upon walking in by the sales crew and the security guard. I approached Lauren and told her all about my necklace.  Lauren took the time to ask a few questions told me she’d be right back. I looked around at all of the fun bling and was surprised at the amount of different styles offered. There is something here for everyone.

Lauren came back with my necklace totally fixed and a big smile. Seriously? 5 minutes of my time and no charge? THAT was unexpected and totally going above and beyond. I’ll be coming back and working with Lauren in the very near future. These are the types of examples of customer service that build a business. Well done, Worthmore. Well done.

Stacey E. (Yelp Review)

I love everything about this store.  They have an amazing selection of jewelry you won’t find at other stores and great prices.  What really sets them apart though is the service and the people.  Olya, who manages the Decatur store is the nicest person. She, as well as the rest of their staff, will go above and beyond your expectations, no matter how much you spend – or if you just come in to look around.  I had their jeweler do some custom work and was very pleased with result as well.  Recently I was looking for a matching pendant to some earrings and told Olya about it.  She looked around for me and found exactly what I had in mind.   In short: If you love unique, well made jewelry and want to come away from your visit to the store smiling, check out Worthmore Decatur.

Irene S. (Yelp Review)

Worthmore is the best. I must be the pickiest, cheapest, most infrequent customer they have, and somehow Katy greets me by name, asks about my family, cleans my rings if I’m waiting to be rung up, makes wonderful recommendations for things I like, and makes sure I am absolutely, 100%, totally happy with everything I buy.

To illustrate their customer service: We bought my husband’s wedding band at Worthmore about 4-5 years ago. It’s made out of some fancy material that’s supposed to never tarnish, or scratch, or look any different, basically. When Katy saw that it was dull and tarnished, and cleaning it didn’t make any difference, she took it back and exchanged it for a new, identical one. This wasn’t a complaint he brought up – just something she noticed and took care of for us.

The vibe of the store is friendly, informative, low-pressure. And they have a sweet dog hanging around. And candy and water. I love this place, come back every few years, and plan on doing so for a long long time.

Abby G. (Yelp Review)

My fiancé and I originally went in to the Amsterdam Walk location after corresponding briefly with Peggy about custom settings. We have his great grandmother’s diamond and wanted it reset. I am very picky and have expensive taste, but we had a fairly modest budget.

When the custom setting I’d been thinking about turned out to be out of our price range, Peggy didn’t turn us away or pressure us, but assured us that they’d help us find something we loved and could afford. She referred us as well to Olya at the Decatur location.

Olya sent me numerous emails, pictures of some sample vintage settings, had one I liked brought in, but didn’t pressure us when it turned out that I wanted to go a slightly different direction. We found a great band that can be customized with the kind of setting I wanted, with a matching wedding band. Olya answered my (many) emails promptly and was extremely helpful.

We found a setting both of us not just liked but are excited about, within our budget. I’ve been dealing with a number of different vendors and shops for all things wedding related and this has been by far the lowest-pressure, best customer service experience I’ve had.

All in all, a really great experience!

Elizabeth C. (Yelp Review)

Bought a watch from Joanie at Worthmore in Decatur today, the customer service was great!  I called ahead and she sent me to a website to view some models and pick the one I wanted before we ever came into the store to try it. She also sent me some other watchband options.

This is my sixth purchase at one of the Worthmore stores and it does not matter if I am asking about diamonds, settings, vintage jewelry, a repair or now even watches… they always have an expert on hand in the store!

We love this store, the prices are good, as is the selection in addition to their high level of customer service.

Barb R. (Yelp Review)

Absolutely no ‘used car salesman’ pitch here, folks. I had shopped around at another local jeweler and Peggy’s responsiveness, attention to detail, knowledge, counsel and ‘think-outside-the-box’ mentality made the buying process at Worthmore easy as Sunday morning! She did all the right things and then some: Listened, Hustled, Superb Communicator, Trusted Advisor and ensured we stayed within budget. Easy peasy!

Eve W. (Yelp Review)

Went in August of 09 to look around with my girlfriend. She wanted a ruby engagement ring and so we thought we’d see what they had to offer. They worked with us to find exactly what she wanted and ordered several rubies for us to look at. We weren’t ready to buy but they let us put a deposit down on the stone and let me take the time I needed to select a setting, order the ring and finish paying while still having it be a surprise for my girlfriend. After the great experience with the engagement ring we went back in for our wedding bands. They custom designed my wife’s ring to go with her engagement ring and she couldn’t be happier with it. This is by far the best place to go in Atlanta for jewelry.

Wes P. (Yelp Review)

After a long exhaustive search, I purchased an engagement ring at Worthmore Jewelers.  I can honestly say it was one of the best, if not THE best, customer service experience of my life.

I found Worthmore here on Yelp and couldn’t ignore all the great testimonials, so after checking out all the jewelry chains you hear on the radio, my then-girlfriend-now-fiancee and I decided to head down and take a look.

The store is on Amsterdam Walk directly across from Loca Luna.  When you walk in, you can tell its not your average stiff uptight jewelry store.  The staff is friendly and helpful, completing the laid-back yet professional vibe.  My girlfriend fell in love with a unique setting that first visit.

Then came the task of finding a loose diamond to go in it.  Again, I looked everywhere for the perfect diamond at the perfect price – eventually finding a few stones to my liking elsewhere.  But since I knew I’d be getting the band at Worthmore, I thought I’d check out some of their stones, too, since it would just be easier to get one at the same place I bought the setting.

Over 2-3 visits, the helpful staff, specifically Glenn and Peggy Rainbow, showed me several stones. They answered all of my questions and NEVER pressured or tried to hard-sell me (unlike some other jewelers in town).  Eventually we found the perfect stone at the perfect price.

But my praise for Worthmore doesn’t end there.  Since the diamond I selected was too big for the setting I picked out, they worked with the manufacturer to have the setting custom-made for my stone and expedited the turn-around time so it was ready a full day before I planned to propose, along with the in-house appraisal Peggy did and the diamond certification.

My fiancee loves her ring and Worthmore made it all possible.  As I told Peggy that day, Worthmore made the whole engagement ring shopping thing a pleasure and I will be a customer for life.

Don’t doubt the testimonials here – Worthmore is for real!  They will go out of their way to help and will make you a customer for life, too

Edward W. (Yelp Review)