Olya Dupuis


Favorite food: Steak, bbq and ice cream

Favorite blog / website / forum: Jewelers Helping Jewelers, Good Vibe Tribe Atlanta

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Band or type of music: Crowded House, Depeche Mode

Interesting fact about yourself: I enjoy rock climbing, knitting and good quality tea

Tattoos:  Yes (2)

I am grateful every day that Harris gave me a chance and saw my potential. He has been a great mentor, awesome boss, and an amazing friend all these years. I am thankful to Harris and the scholarship from 24 Karat Club Of Southeastern United States for being able to enroll in distance education program offered by GIA to become a Graduate Gemologist. I have completed all of the diamond courses and currently learning about fascinating world of colored stones.

You can contact me anytime here.