Michael Logan

Favorite Food: Authentic Mexican

Favorite Blog: Timezone

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Music: Jazz or Blues 

Fact about yourself: I enjoy working on cars

Tattoos: None

Hello my name Michael Logan. I wear many hats – or should I say uniforms – at Worthmore. I started at Worthmore in late 2002 as the security guard. After some time, the Worthmore crew always joked that I knew where everything in the cases was.

Harris came to me and said, “You seem to get along with the customers and the whole crew, so what do you think about selling jewelry?”

Since I had retail in my background, and I did already know everyone here, I said I would like to give it a try. I began to fill in during busy times and when others needed days off. In mid 2006, I began working every Thursday through Sunday.

My favorite part of the store is the watches. I am intrigued by anything mechanical, so I am naturally attracted to watches. If you have any watch (or general) questions please email me.