Laura Foster

Favorite Food: Thai food!

Favorite Forum: Instagram!

Favorite color: Rainbows of course! But also, silver, black, and a specific shade of very light pink (like the color of an Autumn Belle Azalea).

Favorite Band or type of music:  Meditative silence

Hidden Talent: I won a speed crochet contest when I was 15 years old

Tattoos Yes / No / I’m not telling: No, but maybe someday!

Pets: 2 chinchillas, 1 western hognose snake, 2 cats, and a snail


Laura Foster graduated summa cum laude with two BFAs from the University of Georgia in December 2012; One in Jewelry/Metalsmithing and the other in Art Education.  In school she specialized in sculptural works, from blacksmithing to iron casting, as well as more delicate work like filigree, enameling, and wax carving.  She has been a proud member of the Worthmore Team in Decatur since 2014, and at Worthmore, she specializes in custom designs and our “unusual” repairs.  She is here for all of your custom needs, no matter how big or small!  She is also the proud mom of three chinchillas, a western hognose snake, and a cat.  At home, she has been improving her weaving, farming, and beading techniques, while always enjoying the little things in life.