Juliana “Boo” Berry

Favorite food: Coca-Cola

Favorite blog / website / forum: eBay.com and AtlasObscura.com

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite Band or type of music: “everything louder than everyone else” 

Hidden Talent: I can find four leaf clovers without even looking for them.

Tattoos Yes / No / I’m not telling: 🤐



Once upon a time, decades before my time, a man, my father, joined in a partnership with Ron Downing, Worthmore’s current master jeweler, to create beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. Years passed, and the men went their separate ways, only to be reunited years later.

The next time they met, Ron had a beautiful apprentice, my mother, who had just graduated with her degree in jewelry. My parents then fell in love, and had three wildly spoiled brats. The youngest they called Boo (that’s me!!!!) because of her lack of grace and her ever present clumsiness. My eldest sister graduated with her degree in jewelry from UGA and, like my mother, honed her skills while working with Ron at Worthmore.

I’ve worked in the jewelry industry since I was a teenager, and completed my G.I.A. diamond courses in 2006 as a senior in high school. In an attempt at rebellion against the jewelers in my family, I received my B.F.A in Ceramics at Georgia State University, but my jewelry roots run deep, and my passion for jewelry has led me full circle. I find jewelry to be the most personal and precious of artistic expression. My family background in jewelry has led me to have an appreciation for quality and craftsmanship in handmade jewelry creations.