Jonathan Paz

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Hey, my name is Jonathan, also known as “Paz”. I began working at Worthmore in 2012, but have been around the jewelry business my entire life.

I love being part of the Worthmore “family”! It is truly a one of a kind shopping experience showcasing unique jewelry, local art and unmatched personalized customer service! I have never seen another jewelry store come close to capturing the energy and vibe that Worthmore possesses. It’s amazing to work with such an awesome crew, along with meeting and helping so many wonderful customers. I know that I am guaranteed each day will be something special!

I have just as much fun outside of work with my many creative passions including music, recording, photography, and videography. I express myself best through my music. I’ve been playing drums for 19 years, and also play a bit of keys and guitar. You can find me around town playing with several different bands. Whether it’s through my music, art, or meeting customers in the store, I enjoy connecting with people on a personal level.

I welcome getting to know each customer and make it my mission to first make them feel like a guest in my home, and secondly assist them in finding the perfect piece of jewelry, time piece, or a nice piece of art to hang!