Glenn McElroy

Favorite Food: Fresh fish from pond

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Band: Classical

Hidden Talent: Play organ, piano, and sing

Tattoos: None

I share a similar story with other Worthmore employees: long-time customer, personal friends with Peggy Rainbow, very favorable impression of the store and owners. Combined with a job that only required a few hours of work per week, a personal desire to get out of the house and interact with people, and Peggy asking if I would consider working part-time at the Decatur location for the holidays in 2010, this is how I ended up at Worthmore! I started part-time at Decatur, moved to part-time at Midtown, and eventually found myself working full time, four days per week.

I absolutely love working at Worthmore. Why? I don’t have space to list all my reasons, but here are a few: I love seeing the excitement in customers’ faces when they purchase a new piece of jewelry.

Personally, I have fun, my co-workers are great (somewhat crazy, but I am too!), and our customers are wonderful. It’s very rewarding to work for people who are honest and inherently good and there is NEVER a dull moment!

Worthmore challenges me to be a better person and in the process attempt to provide the best shopping experience possible. Thanks Harris, Geri, Joan, Peggy, Olya, Michael and everyone else! Who would have thought a country boy from AL could sell diamonds? HA!