Aero Diamonds & Royal India

Aero Diamonds

Aero Diamonds creates “Diamonds in Space” for the person who loves simplicity and versatility paired with style. This new concept is a visible artistry of diamonds and colored stones connected without traditional mountings.

Laser technology allows stones to be linked together with proprietary platinum rings. This unique method of incorporating stones in jewelry, without the need for traditional metal mountings allows the stones natural vibrant beauty to be maximized.

Royal India

Royal India

For those that like more detail in their jewelry, be sure to check out the “Royal India” collection.

This fine jewelry collections places tremendous focus on product development bringing the jewelry industry the newest and most unique designs available. Utilizing stones, metal techniques and raw materials not often seen in the market, the Royal Collection was one of the first to create jewelry using diamond and color stone slices, which can now be seen on the runways and red-carpet events across the globe. With immense knowledge and experience handed down from one generation to another, the Royal India Collection delivers a line of jewelry filled with  diversity in styling, prices and a categories.

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