Traditionally, I would call this blog a “men’s” jewelry blog…


However, in the words of jewelry designer Jill Maurer, this is “not about designs for men or women but designs for people.”  So, let’s take the term men or women out of the equation and look for beautifully, hand crafted pieces of jewelry that speak to you.  I have always said that your jewelry picks you, not the reverse… So, remember that jewelry is based on emotions and if a piece is catching your eye, it’s essentially picking you!!

Jill Maurer


Today we’re focusing on designs that appeal to a broad spectrum of people.  While in Tucson, we found some truly unique, hand crafted, one of a kind designs.  If you like these pieces, get them while they’re here.  We will be able to find similar styles, but, mother nature doesn’t often duplicate her masterpieces!

One of a kind finds…


We love these handmade oxidized sterling silver and 18karat yellow gold handmade link bracelets by Alishan.  You can wear one or stack it up!!


William Henry

Accessories play an important role in a complete look.  Below are some wonderfully creative knives, money clips, and cuff links by William Henry:

John Varvatos

Many of you who came in the store around the holidays may have noticed a new jewelry designer in our midst… John Varvatos has launched a jewelry line.  We tested his cool, well- made pieces with a designer showing in December.  The line was so well received we decided to take a dive into a broader assortment of his pieces.  John Varvatos features skillfully crafted jewelry with, patina finishes along with lapis, turquoise, and other natural elements.  Below you’ll see some good-looking pieces, but trust me, you’ll want to come and try these designs on for yourself.  It feels really good on!

Read Wilson

I don’t want to forget the very cool belt buckles we’ve found!!!

Below you’ll see some hand carved titanium belt buckles, bands, and money clips and these are, for the most part one of a kind pieces because they are all made by hand.  If you like, you can design them yourself or leave it up to the designer.  Either way, your going to have a beautiful and unique piece for your jewelry collection.

Belle Brooke

And because I LOVE these buckles by Belle Brooke, I had to include them in this blog. Below are belt buckles handmade by Belle Brooke. They are also one of a kind pieces which are totally designed around the stone which is being featured.
Bottom line- We love you to think of us for diamond and colored stone rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.  But we want to make sure you’re also thinking of us for the more unique and bespoke pieces too.

Make sure to drop by both locations to see the artisanship of the unique designs arriving daily.

Happy day,