Chris Ploof

All Day April 14th in Midtown / All Day April 15th in Decatur
April 14th in MidtownApril 15th in Decatur

Artist Statement:

“I love exploring new techniques and materials, especially pushing the envelope of current and traditional techniques. Challenges always seem to lead down long roads even after they have been resolved and spawn future ideas and designs. ‘Impossible’ is only a tempor ary condition.”

Artist Bio:

Hailing from a small town in Massachusetts, award winning master jeweler Chris Ploof was once a skinny boy lurking around the local living history museum, watching awestruck as the craftspeople manipulated what had previously seemed unyielding: glass, tin, iron.


After traveling the world trying hands – on careers that spoke to his historical influences and technical skills, Chris found himself back on his boyhood path, attempting to make a forge improvised by a 55 gal lon drum, some fire bricks and a hair dryer. Eventually his knowledge seeking lead him to jewelry making classes. At last, he was home.


Chris has studied with many well – known artists, and apprenticed under a master goldsmith. He has an insatiable curiosity and drive that lead him down long roads even after the challenges at hand have been met.


The Santa Fe Symposium has chosen Chris twice to receive the Industry Leader Award , He h as a series of instructional videos through Interweave, his work is on the cover of Showcase 500 Rings: New Directions in Art Jewelry (La rk, 2012) and in countless other publications, and he travels frequently as a consultant to the jewelry industry. His studio is located in Massachusetts, where he works with a carefully chosen, fun team of like – minded talent.