Join us November 4th and 5th to experience our

Hamilton Watch Show

A line built on American Spirit with Swiss Precision


There is no other watch line in history that has such a diverse impact.  Starting way back in 1883, “standard time” was adopted across the United States because various railroads worked with over 50 different “times” resulting in far too many train accidents. The year after standard time was introduced, Hamilton was born and their first pocket watch earned the title “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy”.


These time pieces exceeded the standards and Hamilton became an industry leader in accuracy and precision.  In 1892, Hamilton Watch Company opened their watch shop in Lancaster PA, which was the center of watchmaking in the United States. 


Hamilton’s very first wristwatches were  made for the military during the First World War.  When America became involved in World War II, Hamilton stepped up to make watches and other time pieces for the war effort.  In fact, the company halted all consumer production to focus on making the more than one million watches produced during the war period.   Due to its high quality, Hamilton achieved the official Army-Navy E Award for excellence in military production.


As air travel began to overtake train travel, Hamilton was quick to adapt and became the leader in aviation watches. By 1930, Hamilton was the official watch of TWA, Eastern, United and Northwest airlines. Today, many of the world’s elite flight squadrons use Hamilton pilot watches as standard equipment, including Canada’s Snowbirds, South Korea’s 123 Squadron and Spain’s Patrulla Aspc. They are also the official timekeeper of The Red Bull Air Race.

Hamilton’s designs are as diverse as their customers. Since there are so many looks to choose from, Hamilton has been featured in over 450 featured films, and never once paid for placement!

In 1947, Forbes Magazine wrote Hamilton was a “rare commercial phenomenon” – a business built entirely on the quality of their product. This statement still holds true today as Hamilton reintroduces many of their iconic timepieces upgraded with new technology and materials.

Be sure to stop by our Midtown location November 4, 2017 between 10:00 – 6:00 or our Decatur location on November 5th between noon – 5:30 to see for the first time, in Atlanta many pieces from the Hamilton Museum.  There will also be a great selection of limited edition and current Hamilton watches.