Close Your Eyes and Make A Wish(list)

Now that the world is covered in a light dusting of pumpkin spice we are clearly barreling at warp speed toward the holidays, making this the perfect time to beef up your Worthmore wish list. Don’t have one, or don’t know what that is? Check this out.

One of the features (and truthfully probably the best feature) of your Worthmore customer profile is the wish list which allows us to save styles of items you like so they can be referenced at any time.  The only time a wish is removed is when it’s purchased under your account. This means that even if the piece is sold to someone else we still have a record of it and can re-order if necessary.

The wish list is a great tool for your loved ones, friends and fans to treat you and always hit a home run.  This is also the perfect option to avoid that awkward moment of wanting to return a gift, which truly no one wants to do. If you have several items at a few price points you offer your gift giver plenty of options to still make the final gift decision and surprise you for whatever occasion is at hand. Conversely, it can be a great asset to you as a shopper to know you have a guaranteed winner.  No guess work needed.

At the same time the wish list does not diminish the tangible experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store and hand selecting a gift for someone which makes it personal and special.  There is also a certain satisfaction in gifting someone something you know they really want. As if all this wasn’t cool enough we’ll even wrap it for you in shiny paper with a pop-up bow for 0.0% wrapping fee.

Reactor Watch with ionized plating is perfect for any watch collector.

Morganite and Rose Gold are perfect for someone who loves a conversation piece.

Two Stone Rings with colored gems and diamonds are a great update on a birthstone piece.

Statement Earrings are always a must.

Iridescent stones like Labradorite, Moonstone and Opal are very popular gems to gift.

Tahitian Pearls are perfect for someone who is an edgy classic.