Diamond Buying 101

If you have recently started the engagement ring buying process, the search has probably yielded you more questions than anything. Everyone wants to arm themselves with some information before going to a brick and mortar store to look at diamonds. If you have scratched the surface of the information on the internet you know it’s a ton and can be overwhelming, especially when you start talking size. Carat is a unit of weight that really only means anything to us folks in the jewelry trade since nothing else in the world is weighed in carats. Simply put it is a scale of 100 points with 100 being one whole carat. We decided to start our blog series on diamond buying with something really simple… what does *insert carat size here* look like?

We will take a look at different sizes and what they look like on a hand. Then we will give you a range for pricing in that size. All pricing for this blog is for round brilliant cut GIA certified G-I in color SI1-SI2 stones (we’ll talk about what that means later, I promise…patience). Remember, there are beautiful uncertified stones that could be less expensive. Also, for perspective, the semi-pro hand model in these photos wears a 5 ½ ring size.

Hope you enjoyed part one. Next up we’re gonna talk clarity. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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