Building A Ladies Watch Wardrobe for Under $2000

Breaking through the watch glass ceiling…or something

Anyone out there down the rabbit hole of fashion week? No?… me either. I tried, I swear I did.  Ok, a little, I tried a little.  Maybe.

We might not be able to help you decipher the latest trends in clothes but we can help you get your wrist game all the way together. Even better, we can do it for less than the price of one of those cat lady get-ups that seem to be all the rage for those spectating a fashion show.   We are going to show you three watches that will provide you with a complete watch wardrobe for under $2000, which is the approximate cost for one intro level luxury watch.  It is also just time for us to break down that idea that nice watches are just for the boys.

With fall on the way and everyone getting excited about boots and scarves the perfect watch to compliment your casual wardrobe is the Shinola Birdy.

While this watch comes in quite a few different color ways and also on a bracelet we chose the white dial natural leather double wrap strap. It goes with everything.  Besides this being an ultra stylish watch this brand is Built in Detroit, which we love.

So put a coffee in your hand and a Birdy on your wrist. The price of this Birdy is $475, which we feel is super reasonable for a built in America luxury good.  AND even though we aren’t talking about this right now… Shinola has also just released a newly designed line of leather bags and accessories. They are like Buttah!!!

Next what about when you’re heading to the gym or out on a hike or just biking around the city, a sport watch is a necessary accessory.  Especially if you might want to unplug and leave the phone at home.  Our pick for a great ladies sport watch is the Reactor ladies Atom.

The solid stainless steel construction and never dark technology are what drives us to this model. The Two different types of luminosity means you’ll always be able to see what time it is.  It’s also super cute! The Atom is the perfect addition to your gym ensemble or camping garb. Price tag $400. Total so far $875…


You also need a good watch to wear to the place where you make the money to support your style habit. Our pick is the Hamilton Lady Jazzmaster Auto white dial on bracelet. (Also comes in black, just FYI)

The classic styling of this piece works for any sort of workplace even the most conservative offices.  Plus everyone should have one beautiful Swiss automatic timepiece in their collection.  This one is a STEAL for the quality at $645. That brings us to a total of $1520 WAY under $2000.

I mean, why would we have all these bags and shoes and only one watch?!?!?! So stack up these great timepieces with your favorite bracelets, take a wristie and put it on instagram (tag us).

Next week we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Worthmore’s Watchtoberfest!!! If you missed last week’s series about building a gents watch wardrobe you can start here and work your way back