A Watch Wardrobe for Under $2000 (part 3)

Part Three:The Smartest Watch

Since we’ve covered the time in your life when you’re working and working on your fitness, the only thing left is the rest of your life. Our favorite casual watch also happens to be one of our favorite brands in general, Shinola.  While the Built in Detroit brand boasts a huge assortment of styles the one we have chosen is the 41mm Runwell Chronograph with Midnight Blue dial, gold PVD case and Sunflower leather strap.

This watch rounds out your collection by adding a little color, a little gold, a leather strap, and a stop watch function (just in case you need to time something important…like contractions or flip cup).  The Detroit based Shinola is leading the charge in the revitalization of not just American watch making but American craftsmanship in general.  Housed in the historic Argonaut building the 30,000 square foot watch making facility is breathing life back in to an industry that hasn’t  been seen in America since the seventies.

Using component parts from their Swiss partner, Ronda AG, the movements are assembled in Detroit by skilled craftspeople lots of whom are from the Detroit area. However, this watch isn’t about the movement (even though they are beautiful), it’s about A movement…  A movement to revitalize American manufacturing and a movement to bring back one of Americas great cities. Can we make luxury goods in the U.S.? Hell yes we can DID!  Proudly waving the banner of a lifetime guarantee these watches are built to last. Make something quality and stand behind it. THAT is something we can get behind. Stop by either location and have a look at take a piece home from our amazing selection.

SOOOOOOooooo… lets add it all up Reactor $350, Hamilton $775, Shinola $800 = $1925 UNDER $2000 in fact you still have room to buy some straps.