A Watch Wardrobe for Under $2000 (part 2)

Part Two: The Dressy Work Automatic

Chances are good that you spend at least some time in a place where you make money to buy watches. What’s that called? Oh yeah…a job. You probably need a watch to wear there too.  Our pick for the affordable dress/work watch is the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic, white dial on bracelet. This one is great for business casual, with a sport coat or a suit. Now if you have made it all the way to a dinner jacket or a tux, ditch the watch. You shouldn’t be worried about what time it is at an event where that is appropriate attire.  Just sayin…

Hamilton is an all Swiss watch brand with an American spirit. It is also one of the most featured brands in television and film. If K and J can defend the earth against the worst scum of the universe wearing a Hamilton it’s probably good enough for you…

**Just in case you were curious they are wearing the Hamilton Ventura**

The Viewmatic’s clean white dial and stainless steel case and bracelet are ideal for a “grown-up big boy” watch that can be worn with almost anything. Important things to know:  40mm case, sapphire crystal, and a skeleton back so you can see the automatic movement. Yep. That’s right we are able to get an automatic movement in this mix.  Not just any movement but an ETA, one of Hamilton’s Swatchgroup partners. You don’t have to be super in the know to have heard of ETA they make A LOT of movements for a number of watch brands both large and small and for brands substantially more expensive than Hamilton. Hamilton’s value for quality is unparalleled.  Plus, nothing really says “like a boss” quite as loud and clear as a sweeping second hand.

This bad boy retails for $775. So for those of you adding as we go we are at $1125 towards our goal of a watch wardrobe for under $2000. If you missed yesterday’s sport watch blog here ya go

If you are getting in to watches and would like a brief history of the Swiss watch movement business I suggest this piece from the guys over at A Blog to Watch //www.ablogtowatch.com/a-brief-history-of-eta/

Check in this Friday for part three!