A Watch Wardrobe for Under $2000 (part 1)

Part One: The Perfect Sport Watch

Let’s say you have decided to trade in that old Indiglo or your favorite Swatch (no judgements here, I still have my fossil from fifth grade that I break out from time to time) and you are looking for the perfect watch to take its place.  You need something for dress and something casual and something sporty.  A watch that’s conservative and fashionable and durable.  Oh… and also not quite the price of a Honda.  So if you’re ready to treat yo self why choose one?  What if I told you, you could have a whole watch wardrobe that meets all your needs for roughly around the same price as an intro level luxury watch.  In this week’s three part blog we will be introducing three watches that would make a well rounded watch wardrobe for under $2000 without compromising any of the bells and whistles and quality one would expect. Sometimes more is really more. This week we’re focusing on the gents but next week it’s all you, ladies.

The Perfect Sports Watch

A really solid sports watch is an essential part of a well rounded watch wardrobe.  Our pick for this category is the Reactor Gryphon.

The first most visible unique feature of the Gryphon is the Nitromid polymer case is the perfect material for impact and water resistance and colorfastness. This is the same type of ballistic plastic that Glock uses on their grips so if you need to match your timepiece to your piece…here you go. The polymer case surrounds a stainless core which houses the lithium battery powered quartz movement.  The luminosity is what sells us on this line every time.  At all of the hour markers and on the points of the hands there are eight layers of superluminova. Eight! That is the magical number that from a full charge will give you very nearly 24 hours of luminosity.  They didn’t stop there.  At the twelve, nine, three, six markers, hour and minute hands there is encapsulated tritium which glows all the time all by itself.  This watch is literally never dark, so guess what they call it?…Yep, Never Dark (that’s trademarked).

The screw down crown is triple gasketed for superior water resistance and the case attaches to the cold molded nylon and rubber strap through Reactor’s own screwbar case to strap interface. No spring bars here.  Gryphon is depth tested for up to 200 meters.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m more than 200 meters under water I have bigger problems than what time it is. The case Diameter is 42mm with a thickness of 14mm. The weight is a modest 95 grams making it perfect for the active lifestyle.  All of this awesomeness will only set you back $350 dollars. We are partial to the black version but if thats not for you, it also comes in red, blue and flat dark earth.

Part two, The Dress Watch, will be up tomorrow…Now go outside and play!