Vegas: An Abridged Recap Part 2

A Girl’s New Best Friend

It would probably make sense to write these blogs in some sort of sequential order but sometimes you’re really excited about something and you just really need to talk about it, you know?  That’s how we feel about Pure Grown Diamonds. They were actually our very last stop at JCK and we were in their booth when they turned off the lights and everybody cheered. That’s actually not totally true our LAST stop was booth #P-00L but all they sell there are $30 well drinks (hashtag Vegas.)  I would tell you about one of our crew climbing in to the towel chute to retrieve a shirt but the end result was NOT her needing medical attention so it doesn’t really count in the Worthmore book.  Sorry for the tangent… back to PGD.

Like I said before one of the best parts of this trip is getting to see, in person, the people you talk to on the phone and email incessantly.  It really is the cornerstone of good business to have a face to go with the name of the person that hustles for you and your customer. We started working with Pure Grown several months ago and got a chance for our staff to meet their crew in the last minutes of jewelry week. I can tell by the tone in your reading that you are dying to know what a Pure Grown Diamond is…patience.

A Pure Grown Diamond is… well, a diamond.

These just happened to be created in a lab not mined out of the earth.  Down on the molecular level they are the same. Now you want to know how they do that, right? (I know! It’s like we can read your thoughts.) We could write you a short novel about High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD) but we’re not going to because we want to talk more about the end result than the process. Basically, they start with a carbon seed and do some patented Hogwarts magic on it and in a few weeks they have grown a crystal (ok, we may be over simplifing it a little bit.) When they start they have no idea how big it will get, what kind of inclusions it will have or what color it will be, as it pertains to the color scale of white diamonds. PGDs also come in fancy colors but since in nature that is caused by the presence of certain other elements in the soil and since we know what those are I assume they are presenting those elements in to the process on purpose and know the crystal will be a fancy color before they start.

Once the crystal finishes growing it is cut and polished the same way natural diamond rough would be.  We receive most of our PGDs loose but they also have a beautiful selection of finished jewelry. We were especially excited to hear they have diamonds studs.

The next part we are going to share is not to be confusing we just believe in consumer education. Before we start this I only want you to remember one thing, PGDs are diamonds. Say it to yourself over and over as you read these next lines…These stones are considered by GIA to be synthetics. The GIA definition of synthetic is a stone with the same structure as its natural counterpart that was made by man. However the Federal Trade Commission believes that the term synthetic in this case is misleading and might cause consumer to think about diamond simulants like Cubic Zirconia, CZ (looking at you Pink Ice).  For our purposes Worthmore and the FTC will refer to these as lab-created diamonds.  Because they are diamonds.  Actual real diamonds.

These stones are perfect alternative for consumers who have ethical concerns about natural diamonds or for the person who would like to get a little more stone for their buck.  Each stone is certified and laser inscribed on the girdle that it is lab created. I want to tell you so bad that the inscribing is done by a shark with a freakin’ laser beam on its head…but it’s not. I’m sure some ethical concerns could arise from that as well.  I need you to have two take-aways from this: 1. Lab diamonds are diamonds (not CZs and not moissanites). 2. Worthmore is committed to ethics in all aspects of our business. We are welcoming lab created stones in to the market as an alternative to natural diamonds, NEVER trying to sell a lab stone as natural.

We are very excited to offer a selection of loose Pure Grown Diamonds in both of our locations.  Of course if the old fashioned way is the way for you, we have plenty of those too! Click this link to see Pure Grown Diamonds on The Today Show Today Show story on Pure Grown Diamonds

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