Vegas: An Abridged Recap

Part 1 of however many it takes…

We have discovered two truths in trying to write this blog.  One, jet lag is real.  Two, JCK is a relatively indescribable experience.  Have you ever been inside a blender filled with glitter set to frappe? Of course you haven’t. Blenders are small.  But that’s what it’s like.  A blender where you lose all track of time and where some of the world’s most extravagant jewels start to seem like “a good deal”.   It’s crazy and for the most part we loved every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute…

Half of our crew does the whole show and the pre-show on Thursday. The second half joins them on Saturday after we close the store.  What can I say, we roll deep.  Crew 2 had gotten about 15 steps off the plane before Vegas claimed its first victim. Yes, someone broke their ankle in the airport. (I mean, McCarran of all places!) I’ll spare you the details just know it was an epic gladiator style battle with a stone lizard. Lizard 1, Worthmore 0.  That person joined the scooter cavalry that was already there, as another member of the Worthmore family had been injured at our anniversary party the week before.

I would like to state for the record that neither of these injuries was alcohol related and we are blaming everything on Mercury retrograde. So, two of our crew did get to experience a Las Vegas emergency room on a Saturday night and I’m sure they’ll tell us all about it once they stop rocking back and forth in the corner. One of our favorite jewelry bloggers said she “came in like a wrecking ball” (you can read her blog here // I think we just came in wrecked (thanks, Mercury!).  Never you worry,  it was all smooth scooting from there. We came, we saw, we hit some slots and we picked out some really beautiful things to bring home.  Enough about us let’s talk jewelry.


One of the best parts of jewelry week is getting to see lots of our favorite designers in person and see their entire collection all in one place.  Vincent Peach is always one of the first stops for all of our crew.  His booth is really more of an exotic pearl nirvana than a booth.  Remember all those “nature inspired motifs” we were telling you about? So many in his collection!  I will not call this “boho chic” because that term is SO TIRED and this collection is not.  I will also not call it organic even though it is (literally). Trite fashion descriptions cannot do this justice. Here are a few of our favorite show stoppers and we will have new designs from Vincent arriving soon.

Who brings a knife to a jewelry show? William Henry, of course. I have no idea how they get their goods to the show being that TSA is so rulesy these days and I don’t care I’m just glad they are there.  The brand, known for their pocket knives (which are individual works of art) and their use of fossilized materials, branched out in to men’s jewelry last year.  We have some really great pieces due in for the fall. I think we are most excited about the bracelets that will make the perfect stack with your favorite watch. Since knives are what they are known for the picture I have to share with you is a knife called “Frontier”.  Hand carved silver case depicting two different scenes of frontier life and an exquisite Damascus blade. It is marked “CUSTOM” on the handle and is one of a kind. It is for sale and pricing is available upon request (I have always wanted to write that). In case any of you have lost track of time because you would NEVER forget, Father’s Day is June 21…just sayin’.

Next up on the Vegas recap is Pure Grown Diamonds. These guys are doing crazy stuff with science and we are so excited to tell you all about it. As always, you can be the first to see our new merchandise and repair miracles by following us on Instagram @worthmorejewelers.