Just Letting You Know Ahead of Time…

Trend Predictions for JCK, Las Vegas 2015

Jewelry folks seems to be a gambling sort. We are always betting on a stone or trying to catch the gold market at the perfect time. Why else would our largest tradeshow of the year be in Las Vegas? As we prepare to make our annual pilgrimage to that neon desert oasis we are placing a few warm up bets on what are going to be the hot trends this year. So here is the jewelry world according to us.


This striated opaque mineral has a green hue that is unmistakable. Formed deep underground near geothermal pockets where limestone and copper have found the space to love one another, this magic mineral is about to explode on to the fine jewelry scene. If you already saw that coming and you want to know the future future it’s probably bringing some beautiful agates and exotic jaspers with it. We have seen this stone plenty in the past set in sterling silver but nothing like what’s coming. We have it on good authority that one of our favorite watch brands (hint: they’re from Detroit) is doing a watch with a malachite dial. Malachite is the new turquoise. Write that down.

Jewelry buzz word to look out for: cabochon. In a nutshell this is a stone with a smooth round top and a flat bottom. Remember your mood stone from junior high? Like that (without the color change). Cabochon will be the cut and polish style you will see these beautiful banded gems in.


Earring Jackets

“Put a jacket on!” That’s no longer the voice of your mom, it’s your jeweler and we’re talking earring jackets.  Now, let’s be clear, we aren’t talking the add-a-halo jacket that popped in to your mind when we said that.  We are talking about the new jacket that’s sliding on the post at the backside of the ear to add texture, shape, and dimension. It’s jewelry for your jewlery. They are the ideal non-permanent way to dress up your beloved diamond studs or revamp a long forsaken pair of studs collecting dust in your jewelry box.

We feel like this is going to be the year of the ear (yEAR! hashtag that) Ear climbers, dedicated earrings for second holes and all shapes tiny are whats happening. We will certainly be looking for the chicest earrings and bringing them right home to Atlanta. As far is earrings go, more is going to be just enough.

Collar Necklaces

We are going to see this happen three ways and we love all of them. The first is going to be the expansion of the bar. Those delicate diamond and gold bars you have been seeing and wearing for the last couple of seasons have expanded and are now stretching from collarbone to shining collarbone. We’ll call this the micro collar and it will be great to pair with some of the short pieces in your jewelry wardrobe. The second incarnation, or I guess reincarnation, is going to be a heavier more geometric yellow gold version. Think of it as Egyptian revival, revival. This piece will be a great stand alone or something to layer with the long pieces you have been collecting over the past few seasons. The last and probably most eyecatching style is going to be solid and open in the front with embellishments flanking wither side of the clavicle and by “embellishments” we mean diamonds.  This new trend is going to incorporate more delicate shapes and elements while still creating a statement. We have already seen a sneak peek of one of these from Gabriel and Co., but you’re going to have to wait until we get to Vegas to see it.

We are also anticipating plenty of shapes inspired by nature and the heavens. Celestial motifs are still working their way in to lots of designs and feathers and frond-ish leaves are coming on strong. We also expect to see plenty of fancy colored diamonds. With the number exquisite fancy colored diamonds grabbing premium prices at auction this year there is no way the design world can ignore that. Lastly, fringe. Leather fringe, chain fringe, tassels, stone fringe…all of the fringe!! This typically textile embellishment is making its presence known in the jewelry world.

What do you guys think we’ll see? What do you hope we see?

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