Tucson Gem Show Recap

Worthmore co-owner Geri Botnick

Per usual, The Tucson Gem Show this year was nothing short of spectacular. It’s called a show, but really it’s a citywide event. The Worthmore team attended the show last year and loved the experience so much we couldn’t wait to go back.

One of the really cool things about this particular show is its proximity to the “land of turquoise.” There are several large working turquoise mines in Arizona, so we could literally buy pieces that were designed and handmade by the same company that owns and mines the raw material itself. How cool is that?

Thanks to this great available stock, both stores are now featuring beautiful pieces mined and designed in Arizona, among other places. We are also featuring beautiful turquoise pieces handmade by the Zuni Native American tribe.

And just in time! We predict this bright stone will be all over the runway this spring.

Another area we were able to score big in during this trip was Baltic Sea Amber—a precious gem found in the Baltic Sea that is over 20 million years old. There were many international designers showcasing pieces with this gem, particularly from Poland. It’s so cool to think that these designers come to one show in the US per year, and this was it!

I must say that after 21 years of buying jewelry, it’s always a surprise to see really exciting, new designs, and at the Tuscon Gem Show we were able to do just that! All of the Baltic Sea Amber pieces were absolutely beautiful. Thanks to this trip we now have the best inventory of this stone we’ve had all year, so hurry in to check it out!

It’s hard to not be overwhelmed when you’re walking passed rows and rows of beautiful stones—from massive Geodes larger than me, to beautifully cut precious stones and pearls.

Speaking of beautiful stones, this is another area we scored big! We were able to find some beautiful diamonds set through a piercing method, so it appears as though the diamond is floating, when in fact it’s securely hanging around your neck or from your ear. These designs are set in 18 karat gold-white, yellow, rose, or black rhodium.

I’ve only touched on three of the amazing types of jewelry we saw during this show, but there was really so much more! Be sure to drop by our stores to see these an many other beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces we brought back.

-Geri Botnick