How to Rock Modern Earrings Like Your Favorite Celebrities

From cuffs and jackets to climbers and chains, modern earrings have certainly taken the spotlight this jewelry season. Whether it’s an A-list celebrity or one of our favorite fashion bloggers sporting the trend, it seems as though no one can get enough of these stylish earrings.

But our favorite part about these modern earrings is how easily they translate from the red carpet to reality. Some jewelry trends made popular by celebrities just aren’t practical for everyday attire, but these earrings are subtle enough to wear on a daily basis.

To show you how simple it is to wear these styles, we threw together some images of our favorite modern earring trends modeled by celebrities AND by Worthmore staff.

The Climber

We loved the abundant appearance of ear climbers at the Emmys this year, and we’ve only seen this trend grow more and more popular over the passing months. But climbers look just as fabulous on the sidewalk as they do on the catwalk! Just look how lovely they look on Boo and Leslie below.

The Chain

The chain earring is another of our favorites. Rashida rocks this trend confidently, as does Olya right on the streets of Decatur. We like pairing the chain earring with a stud on the opposite ear for balance!

The Jacket

The ear jacket might be our favorite in the earrings category. There’s just something so subtly sexy about these that make us want to never take them off! Kate Mara glows in her ear jackets, but we especially love Boo’s and Leslie’s understated earrings.