How to Repurpose Your Favorite Jewelry into An Awesome Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes always seem to focus on the clothing, but what about the jewelry? Jewelry is equally as important to pulling off a Halloween costume, but it often gets overlooked. Here are our favorite ideas for Halloween costumes in which the jewelry is just as important as the outfit!

A 1920’s Flapper

Most of us have an old string of pearls lying around (whether faux or for real). Toss that strand on top of your best shift dress and you’ve got an instant flapper costume! Don’t forget the long cigarette holder and headband, of course.


Pirates were all about jewelry—I mean come on, they sailed the seas plundering for gold! Layer some flashy gold necklaces over your pirate costume, along with over-the-top hoop earrings, and people will definitely start calling you Captain.

Pharaoh’s Daughter

An Egyptian princess is always a popular Halloween costume choice. For this outfit, look for chain bracelets, jeweled headdresses, and snake armbands and rings!

Disco Diva

No 70 disco diva’s outfit is complete without an oversized pendant–bonus if it’s a peace sign! Hoop earrings made a popular comeback during this time period, as well. The bigger, the better!

Gypsy Woman

Plenty of coin jewelry is key to this costume! Don’t be afraid to layer it on so people can hear your jewelry clink from a mile away!

Vintage Hollywood Starlet

Sparkling diamond jewelry is just as important as the red-carpet gown for this costume. Go for a diamond encrusted choker or dramatic drop earrings for a glamorous look!

80s Raver

So you want to channel the 80s with your Halloween costume? For your jewelry, think neon-colored and geometric-shaped! You can’t go wrong with some hot pink triangle earrings.

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