Same Jewelry, Three Looks

At Worthmore, we can testify that styles and trends change about as frequently as Georgia weather. One month, high wasted pants plaster the pages of every fashion magazine, and the next month, stars are placed on worst dressed lists for wearing the very same thing.

Since styles change so frequently, stable accessories are vital to any woman’s wardrobe. We all need some timeless jewelry that we can wear with any outfit—regardless of the current trends or the specific occasion.

That’s why we love this collection of delicate yellow gold and diamond jewelry at Worthmore, shown below. The ear hanger (left) and ear climber (right) are two of our favorite pieces in-store right now. And the geometric necklace, bracelet, and rings are instant classics.

These pieces are so easy to style that they’ll go with any outfit, no matter the occasion. From a day at the office to a casual weekend spent roaming the city—to even a red carpet event!—these pieces will work with any look.

We enlisted Decatur store manager, Olya, to help us style these versatile pieces to show how they can be worn in a number of settings with all kinds of colors and styles! We love what she came up with.

1. Weekend Warrior

From brunch to summer festivals to a day at the park—whatever your weekend activity of choice, this is the jewelry to go with it.

2. Working Woman

Got a strict office dress code? These pieces are subtle enough to wear during a long day at the office, and flashy enough to transition to happy hour after work!

3. Downtown Diva

Night on the town? No worries—these pieces are so easy to dress up. We love how the bright blue of Olya’s dress really makes the diamond jewelry pop.

Before you splurge on a piece of fine jewelry, you want to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth. You don’t want to buy something you can only wear once a year on a special occasion; you want something you can dress up or dress down to match the occasion or trends of the day. Stop by Worthmore to see these pieces and more of our versatile jewelry in person!