Bookzilla Loves Worthmore Jewelers!

The AJC Decatur Book Festival’s mascot visits Worthmore in Decatur

One of our favorite summer festivals is the AJC Decatur Book Festival. Thousands of people swarm the Decatur Square, and our store is always packed full of people! Since we love the festival so much, we were excited when they wanted to partner with us for a promotion they’re doing with local businesses!

The Decatur Book Festival mascot, Bookzilla BookMonster, has been visiting local Decatur businesses over the past few weeks and blogging about them on the Decatur Book Festival website so that when out-of-towners come to Decatur for the festival, they’ll know about all the best places to shop, dine, and drink. Last week, they stopped into Worthmore for a visit and we were so glad to have them! Below is a re-post of their blog. You can find the original version here.


Bookzilla Loves Worthmore Jewelers!

Now that Bookzilla has explored some of the finest dining establishments Decatur has to offer, he wanted to do some shopping! We went to Decatur’s favorite jewelry store, Worthmore Jewelers to see what diamonds and gemstones they had in stock.

We spoke with owner Harris Botnick while Bookzilla shopped around for some bling.

How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

I was actually a film major at University of Alabama and realized going into my 4th year that although Alabama’s communication school is top notch, the film program probably ended where one in New York would start. I had always been interested in owning my own business and once introduced to the jewelry industry, I immediately knew this was for me. The jewelry business is a fascinating industry that is constantly changing and evolving, so there is always more to learn and ways to grow. On top of that, we get to sell beautiful items to help people celebrate important life celebrations! After working in the industry and seeing areas that were not being served, we opened our first store in 1994 in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. After great success with the Atlanta location, an art gallery was renovated to house the second Worthmore location on the Decatur Square in 2008.

Where do you get your jewelry from?

We get our jewelry from all over the world, including some very talented local designers. Most jewelry stores have very similar merchandise as they are following highly advertised, national trends. At Worthmore, we go out and look for what speaks to our heart, and ultimately to our customers!

Apart from jewelry, you also sell fine art. How do you choose which artists to work with and what art to sell?

We added in the fine art when we opened the Decatur location. We have always felt jewelry is art, so the art on the walls was the perfect complement to what we had already been doing. We choose our artists just like we choose our jewelry; we look for what speaks to us. We tested out the art first in the Decatur store and immediately saw the positive reaction from our customers. Six years later I am so happy we did because I love walking into the store every day and seeing the beautiful art on the walls!

Where did the name Worthmore come from, and what does it mean for your business?

The name was actually one of the hardest things we ran into when opening the store. We wanted to go with something different–not a family name or something with the word ‘diamond’ in it, as we felt that was what everyone else did. Our original business model was to buy out stores and manufacturers that had overstocked and pass along the savings to the customers. We wanted our name to communicate that we are worth more! With time, we found our customers wanted the more unique items, so we changed our buying focus from purchasing overstocks to taking advantage of every possible discount so we could still offer rock bottom prices, but have the unique jewelry that has driven our success.

What’s your favorite jewel, gem, or stone to see in pieces?

My current favorite stone is Morganite. I like it because it is so unique in its soft but vibrant color. It also has a very cool history; first being mined in California it was called pink emerald as it is in the same family as emerald and aquamarine. Soon after its discovery, J.P. Morgan quickly became the largest collector so the stone was appropriately renamed Morganite. I personally love it set in rose gold as it really emphasizes its fantastic color.

What does “local” mean for you and your business?

I feel that the independent local businesses are ultimately helping to rebuild the local economy and the United States. At Worthmore, we hire locally, generate great sales, property and income tax revenue for our communities, and help support our local communities through charitable support in numerous areas. Bottom line–all of the revenue stays right here in our communities.

What is your favorite aspect about working in Decatur?

It takes me back to my college days. It has that small-town welcoming feel, with very cool stores, great restaurants, and you get to know everyone in the town so well.

Will you have any specials during the 2014 AJC Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day Weekend?

The Decatur Book Festival is one of Worthmore’s favorite festivals of the year. It brings in a huge range of people from all over the US. We always have some fun things planned for the festival so be sure to stop by to check it out.

We’re excited for the second year of art|DBF! Will you have any exhibitions or events at your store to participate in the arts and culture showcase?

We have a fantastic art exhibition featuring eight extremely talented artist up right now that will stay up through the festival. The art ranges from photography, large canvas oils, to multimedia.

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