4 Ways to Style A Bold Colored Watch

At Worthmore, we’re big fans of putting our own signature spin on things. When we hear people say “Don’t mess with a sure thing” or “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we reply, well where’s the fun in that? If no one ever messed with the classics, we wouldn’t have jazz music, or chocolate covered bacon, or any of the other strangely wonderful things in life!

So recently, we decided to put a Worthmore spin on an old classic—to take something we know is great and try to make it even better in our very own way. So began our vintage Rolex project!

We were feeling inspired to give the classic wristwatch a modern update, so we got our hands on a group of vintage Rolexes and got creative. We polished the cases, cleaned and serviced the movements, replaced the crystals, and most importantly, had the original dials refinished in unique colors that Rolex has never offered. From purple to yellow to blue to green, we didn’t shy away from any hue on the color spectrum! Each watch is a one of a kind, and comes with papers of authenticity and a one year warranty.

To make this watch even more fun, we’ve decided to bring in a collection of handmade watchbands that you can interchange with your Rolex—or any other watch face you have that could use a fresh look!

These vibrant Rolexes are some of our favorite pieces in stock at Worthmore right now. They’re so unique and they add the perfect pop of color to an outfit. But if you’re not used to wearing bold accessories, you might be wondering how to dress for this watch. You don’t want your wardrobe to clash with your Rolex, so how do you go about styling such a standout piece?

Working with bold colors can be tricky, but we have four fabulous ideas on how to style this one of a kind watch.


1. Opt for black and white patterns.

Avoid clashing with your Rolex by opting for clothing with a more subdued color palette. A black and white backdrop will really let your bold accessory shine, and the pattern adds some texture to spice up the look.

Dress from Farfetch

2. Incorporate similar colors.

Just because your watch is colorful, you don’t have to completely shy away from vibrant patterns! Just look for clothing that will bring out the colors in your watch to achieve balance in your look. This romper would pair perfectly with the orange or yellow Rolexes above.

Romper from Necessary Clothing

3. Pair it with head to toe white.

We’re not a fan of the “no white after labor day” rule. Come to think of it, we’re not a fan of any rules in general. We love how an all white outfit makes a colorful accessory really stand out. Take a clue from Olivia Palermo, below, and pair a head to toe white outfit with a colorful accessory.

Image source: Lucky Magazine

4. Spice up an old classic.

You can never go wrong with a white tee and jeans. Glam up the old classic with your Rolex and some killer heels to look instantly chic.

Image source: Harper’s Bazaar

See how easy that was? You don’t have to be a style icon to incorporate this watch into your wardrobe.

For more style inspiration, check out our Pinterest board or stop by our store to see these beautiful watches in person!