Designer Spotlight on Chris Ploof!

Massachusetts-born jeweler Chris Ploof is a true master of his trade. Specializing in contemporary wedding rings, Ploof’s style is particularly distinctive, with much of his work created in the style of mokumé gané.

Mokumé gané is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique used to bond multiple metals into one. Heat and pressure mold the shape, texture, and color the metal during the bonding process.

Traditional Mokume Gane wood grained ring.

In Ploof’s words, the technique is equal parts history, technology, art, and science. A painstaking and frustrating technique to master, especially for small pieces like jewelry, Ploof has spent more than ten years perfecting the process.

Ploof’s work is exceptional. With both historical and futuristic allure, his designs are not of this world. Literally. He combines materials such as Damascus stainless steel, space meteorites, and precious metals and gems to craft stunning and unique relics.

Gold and damascus steel ring.

Ploof embraces dissymmetry, a trait that sets him apart from other jewelry makers in the industry. While pieces may not always match exactly, they are always complementary. It is the contrast of pieces, the blending of equal parts masculinity and femininity, and the beauty and strength found in each design that imparts Chris Ploof’s jewelry with a timeless elegance.

Meteorite ring with diamonds.

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