Designer Spotlight: Vincent Peach

What do you get when you mix Tahitian, South Sea, and freshwater-cultured pearls with earthy hand woven leather and the occasional pavé diamond or rare gemstone? A timeless, one-of-a-kind Vincent Peach piece of jewelry!

Vincent Peach is one of Worthmore’s most treasured designers and we’re not the only ones who adore his jewelry. His bohemian chic designs have been spotted on stars like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Taylor Swift, and Clare Bowen from the hit TV show, Nashville. It’s easy to see why his pieces are so popular. The rugged beauty of hand woven leather perfectly complements the understated elegance of pearls to create an effortlessly chic look that can be paired with almost any outfit – from a dress and heels to casual denim to nothing but a bikini on the beach.

Vincent Peach’s infatuation with pearls began at a young age. As a child, Peach apprenticed at his family’s pearl wholesaling business. Now, the pearls used in his jewelry come from all sorts of exotic locales. Tahitian pearls are the most special and valuable out of all the pearls Peach works with. If ever you encounter a richly colored pearl not formed from the black lip oyster, you can be sure that it has been dyed to look that way.

Vincent Peach also works with many varieties of high-grade animal skin to craft the leather, from deerskin to crocodile, and has been known to incorporate other mediums into his designs, like pavé diamonds, sterling silver, and metals from ancient Greek and Roman coins.

Personally, we’re a huge fan of his pieces that feature Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The beautifully named stone was mined from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, AZ, but, to the despair of many jewelry designers, the mine recently closed down. Before it closed, Peach snatched up all of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise he could get his hands on, and we’re glad he did! The vivid stone looks beautiful contrasted with the dark leather in this necklace, modeled by Leslie below!

As diverse as his pieces are, they share a timeless elegance that Peach’s jewelry is known and loved for. Peach often expresses that the versatility and timelessness of his designs are what make them so special. His pieces can be worn anytime and anywhere. He himself has been spotted wearing the same leather and pearl bracelet for more than seven years!

Handmade in the country music capital of Nashville, TN, Peach’s jewelry is truly something special. Browse more of his designs on our Pinterest or stop by Worthmore in Decatur or Midtown to get your very own piece of Vincent Peach jewelry!