Designer Spotlight: Nina Nguyen

We’ve been engaged in a love affair with Nina Nguyen ever since my daughter, Molli, first discovered Nina’s captivating creations at an international jewelry show. Nina, a jewelry enthusiast from an early age, has a remarkable background to match her remarkable designs. She grew up in a war-torn Vietnam, and her story begins when she started assisting her goldsmith uncle at his jewelry-casting foundry. Nina thoroughly enjoyed those days at the foundry, working with locally panned gold, and the feeling carried with her well after she relocated to the United States. Now, Nina has her own studio in Colorado, where she incorporates her life experiences and worldly knowledge into exquisite, totally unique designs. She uses earth-conscious materials and one-of-a-kind gemstones, which gives her bold jewelry a beautifully natural and organic feel.

We’re always delighted to show customers Nina’s colorful pieces, and they never disappoint. Loyal Worthmore customers bolt to our stores whenever we receive any new shipments from the beloved designer.

Our favorite characteristic of Nina’s jewelry collection has got to be its diversity. She has designs that suit jewelry lovers of every style—whether girly, classic, funky, eclectic, whimsical, or bold—Nina has something for every type. If you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Day present for your special someone, there’s sure to be something in Nina’s collection that catches your eye. Or Treat Yo Self and pick out something special for yours truly!

How could we love Nina Nguyen even more? In addition to being an exceptional jewelry designer, she’s also a humanitarian. Her designs are brought to life by skilled artisans at a Women’s Co-Operative in Vietnam. The designer offers employees at the Co-Op competitive wages, full benefits, and even education for their children. The talented Vietnamese jewelry makers are paid what they deserve, and you can see their expertise in each piece they create for Nina’s customers. If you know anything about Worthmore, you know just how much we love giving back to those in need, and we’re thrilled Nina feels the same.

Can’t get enough? Browse more of Nina’s designs here, or come to Worthmore to see her latest pieces in person. We’d be thrilled to help you pick out a new piece from the designer we love!