Fall Trends that are Worth More

With fall just around the corner, it may be time to freshen up your look. Haircuts and new clothes provide some temporary enjoyment, but jewelry lasts for generations! At Worthmore Jewelers, we strive to bring the latest and greatest in all types of fine jewelry, from wedding bands to watches to everyday pieces we can’t live without, and this fall will leave nothing to be desired.

Based on our unique insight into the jewelry world, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite styles to upgrade your new and improved fall look.


All Rings Alternative

Every day, we see our customers, especially the men, gravitating toward alternative metals like titanium, tungsten, and palladium over the traditional gold, platinum, and silver. Alternative metals have an edge over their competitors in strength, durability, distinctiveness, and price, among other qualities. They are also a great option for those with sensitivities to certain metals, as many alternative metals are hypoallergenic. One of our favorite designers, Chris Ploof, even uses four billion year old meteorite stone for his rings.

Snake Charmers

Although you may not want them in your garden, you’ll definitely want them on your hands, arms, and neck. 2013 marks the year of the snake in Chinese Astrology. According to the calendar, the snake is a dynamic creature that symbolizes charisma and worldly awareness. The year of the snake is also the time for inner development, patience, and spirituality. To incorporate these symbols into your fall style, look for pieces featuring the snake or snake pattern, as well as curved, winding jewelry similar to a snake’s body.

Pearls for the New Southern Belle

An unlikely combination to some, leather and pearls have caught our eye for fall. Worthmore Jewelers offers a leather and pearl collection to dive for by Nashville-based designer, Vincent Peach. Offered in only in 13 states, Vincent Peach uses a mixture of Tahitian and freshwater pearls to create the perfect collision of leather and pearl. The updated take on pearls may just be this generation’s answer to the age-old pearl tradition. It’s chic, casual, and timelessly sophisticated. Ideal for relaxed day wear or nighttime spice, leather and pearls offer infinite possibilities in fall style.

Never one to follow the beat of another, Worthmore Jewelers is proud to help our customers stay ahead of the trends. We offer fine jewelry, stunning watches, and custom designs that fit every taste and budget. With our wide range of jewelry and watches it’s easy to revitalize an old update or accent a new outfit with your own unique style. To see more of what we have in store for fall and winter, be sure to visit us in our Atlanta and Decatur locations.