Designer Spotlight: William Henry Knives

In today’s world, knives are considered an essential tool, but their history dates back at least two and a half million years. In ancient times, knives were carved out of rock, bone, and flint, sturdy materials that were gathered from the earth. Now, knives use advanced metal works of bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics, and titanium. Their uses are innumerable, with designs made for sport, hunting, combat, cooking, medicine, and more.

Beginning in the 19th century, knife collecting became wildly popular, with official organizations sprouting up in the 1940’s. Collectors tend to focus on a variety of styles, function, materials, and artistry depending on personal preference. The beauty of a knife collection is truly in the eye of the beholder.

When we stumbled across William Henry knives, we were awestruck to say the least. Although Worthmore Jewelers is primarily in the fine jewelry and art business, we simply could not pass up the chance to bring these beautiful designs to our Midtown location.

Designer Matt Conable founded the American luxury brand William Henry in 1997 with the mission of transforming functional, standard pocket knives into elegant, award winning accessories for men. But what really sets William Henry apart from other knife creators is its use of exotic, eye-catching materials, perfect design, and exquisite craftsmanship. One material used in several designs is more than 10,000 years old!

The brand has raked in awards throughout the years, winning the 2012 Investor/Collector Knife of the Year from BLADE magazine, a leader in the world of knife publications. JCK also recognized William Henry for its use of contemporary metal as well, something we at Worthmore are especially excited about.

One of the coolest things about William Henry knives has to be its connection with celebrities of all different backgrounds and genres. From singers Luke Bryan and Zac Brown, to actors Joe Mantega and Jaimie Alexander, William Henry knives have become a status symbol. William Henry knives were recognized by BLADE magazine as one of the best in self-knife promoters.

Matt Conable’s dream for William Henry was to create objects he was proud of that could stand the test of time. These knives have not only become a legacy of the person they belong to, they are handed down from generation to generation.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite designs to give you an inside peek at what the William Henry collection is all about.

From the Ventana collection in William Henry is the ‘Glacial.’ 10,000-year-old fossil Wooly Mammoth tooth is used for the inlay, surrounded by Mike Sakmar’s Twist Mokume Gane. The technique was once used to decorate the hilt of ancient Samurai swords! The button locks emphasize the knife’s elegance with the use of white sapphire stones. William Henry believes this knife is a nod to the classic gentleman’s pocketknife of long ago. The Ventana knives are slimmed down for optimal comfort in the hand or pocket. Each design includes a braided lanyard with sterling fittings and is engraved with a limited edition number on the handle.

Meet the Lancet ‘Red Creek,’ a knife from the first collection of William Henry. Lancet knives are the leaders of flexibility and utility in the William Henry line. This particular knife uses the Copper Wave Damascus Mokume Gane technique with a snake wood inlay. The button locks are then given a luxurious feel with citrine gems. Sleek, elegant, and refined are just a few words used by William Henry to describe this work of art.

This design is called the Spearpoint ‘Savanna.’ The beautiful detail framing the handle is 24K gold Koftgari, an ancient Indian technique of inlaying gold and sterling silver. Within the handle lies Wooly Mammoth tooth. Diamonds set the finishing touch for the one-hand button lock. The knife is designed for optimal grip and versatility with superior art.

This outstanding collection perfectly combines one-of-a-kind fine art with the functionality of an essential tool. They distinguish the owner with character and instill a deep sense of pride for the modern take on men’s jewelry. William Henry knives have established the standard in exotic taste, luxury, and the truly unique, and we could not be more excited to introduce the collection at Worthmore Jewelers.