Shine During Fall with Our Top 10

As summer wraps up, we’ve turned our attention to all the new trends and styles for fall. Pantone, the self-appointed authority on color recently established the hot colors for Fall 2013.  With all the exciting and beautiful new colors, we couldn’t resist sharing our Top 10 Statement Rings to complete any Fall 2013 wardrobe.



A beautiful sea green color, emerald symbolizes balance and harmony. Look for baubles with emerald or green onyx gemstones to incorporate this shade into your look. Our favorite piece features a stunning square faceted green onyx stone in 14k yellow gold modern bezel setting.

Mykonos Blue

Mykonos, a Greek island of only 10,000 inhabitants, is renowned for its nightlife, celebrity love affairs, and deep blue sea. In its short time here at Worthmore Jewelers, the ring has turned quite a few heads. The blue sapphires of this wide artisanal style ring encompass the allure of Mykonos. Blue sapphires are most valuable for their brilliant color and lasting durability.

Linden Green

Pantone’s Linden Green is a mix of green and yellow that weighs slightly heavier on the green side. Its distinct color is sure to be seen this fall in fashion as well as in nature. Our linden green ring features the image of Buddha, also known as the Awakened One. Believed to be one of the greatest teachers in history, Buddha emphasized the existence of just one simple wish by humanity – to be happy and to avoid suffering.


Acai, a native berry to Central and South America, is a small purple fruit that grows on the Acai palm tree. Widely regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants, the acai berry has been used in several weight-loss recipes throughout the years. The perfect match to Pantone’s Acai is our amethyst set in 14k rose gold with diamond halo ring. The amethyst is a violet variety of quartz with several spiritual properties. The name itself comes from the Greek meaning of “without drunkenness,” leading many to believe amethyst protects against intoxication and poison.


Feeling dangerous and passionate? The garnet eyes of our snake ring will satisfy your samba desires. Of all colors, red is the most emotionally intense, with measurable effects on human metabolism and blood pressure. The garnet itself represents regeneration and stability. It is also known for its ability to stimulate creative energy. Our vintage snake ring is the perfect way to capture the beauty of Fall 2013, as this is the year of the snake, according to the Chinese calendar.


Pantone’s Koi is a wonderful nod to the beautiful Japanese koi fish. Considered the most energetic of all fish, the koi is able to swim upstream, showing impressive strength. They are the symbol of good fortune and perseverance in adversity. By wearing this fall color, you will embody the characteristics of the koi: courage, perseverance, unity, and achievement. This natural shaped Carnelian slice with a flush set of diamonds won’t hurt your fall wardrobe too much, either.

Deep Lichen Green

Moving into fall, we love colors that bring out our natural side. Reminiscent of soft moss, Pantone’s Deep Lichen Green will give your wardrobe that cool, earthy look it craves. This ring is a jade ring with the traditional dragon carving, set in 14k yellow gold patterned bezel. Believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace, jade is historically seen as a benevolent gem. Intertwined with the ancient Chinese civilization, jade has been used in tools, ornaments, jewelry, utensils, and more.


To feel attractive, lively, and animated all you may need is a little pop of color. Pantone’s  Vivacious is a classic shade of bright, flashy fuchsia. We immediately recognized this ruby find as the perfect match to Vivacious. Considered the most powerful gem in the universe, rubies ensure the owner both peace and contentment. Natural ruby is considered one of the four precious gemstones, along with Diamonds, Emerald, and Sapphire (all featured in our list!).


Pantone’s Turbulence is a dark, stormy grey that will give your fall look the sophisticated edge it may be lacking. Turbulence isn’t your regular grey, though, and neither is this wonderful pick from owner, Harris Botnick. Composed of a pear-shaped geode slice, this ring is set in a halo of diamonds. The satin finish antiqued sterling silver mounting adds a touch a class to the rough stone.


Carafe is a rich, chocolate brown that will shine through the dull colors of falling and dead leaves this season. Our cognac diamond ring captures that perfect color in its contemporary 14k gold setting. The half carat diamonds are set in 14k gold and finished in black rhodium to create a beautiful rich brown color.