It’s all up to you. Two distinctive boutique watch lines straight from the land of clean and  classic designs, with an emphasis on precision and functionality. Germany designs and produces some of the finest products on earth. For example, when you think of luxury and performance cars, the top brands are Porsche – “There is No Substitute”, BMW – “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and Mercedes – “The Best or Nothing”. Worthmore Jewelers agrees and is proud to introduce two of Germany’s best watch lines; MeisterSinger and Muhle Glashutte. 

If your style is classic with an edge, MeisterSinger watches are the brand for you. Taking design cues dating all the way back to the sundial and ancient clock towers throughout Europe, MeisterSinger simplified timekeeping. Each precision crafted timepiece makes it possible to tell time with only one hand while giving you a stunning wristwatch to express your style. MeisterSinger focuses on the way watches were traditionally built. They use only mechanical and automatic movements in a range of dial sizes with both straps and bracelets. Make it a point to stop by our Midtown location to experience the full MeisterSinger collection and see for yourself why they received 7 Red Dot Design Awards.Red_Dot_Award


If you are a little more of a traditionalist and feel two hands are better than one, Muhle Glashutte is the watch line for you. Muhle watches are hand built in Glashutte, the watch capital of Germany. They are the only family owned watch line remaining in Glashutte and have been building precision instruments since 1869. Their workshop has hand built nautical instruments, car clocks, speedometers and wristwatches used by the finest brands known worldwide.

Since 2002, the European Search and Rescue teams (comparable to the US Coast Guard) have chosen to wear Muhle Glashutte wristwatches due to their durability, precision and legibility. Their team of daring rescuers even had a hand in designing the Muhle SAR wristwatch. Muhle proudly produces three 

specialized in-house movements that their team of watchmakers’ hand tool and assembles where their predecessors did over 150 years ago. Their teams of watchmakers all initially start with a 2-year apprentice training program. Due to their attention to detail, Muhle Galshutte produce less than 7,000 watches a year. Be sure to stop by our Midtown Atlanta location to see the range of looks and feel the quality of the Muhle Glashutte line.