I’m always talking about trends…

Metiers D’art Collection

Pharrell Williams


They affect us without us knowing… the clothes we buy… how we decorate our homes , the color cars we choose, etc. A trend primarily, is the outcome of a designer’s influence on an industry.

Meryl Streep Explaining Trends

One of the strongest influencers of our time has been Karl Lagerfeld.  He designed for Chanel since 1982 making the brand into what it is today.  Unfortunately, we lost him this year. His impact, however, is continuing to influence us and there’s no stronger example of this than the Metiers D’art collection which is in stores right now.  It’s a collection that is HEAVILY influenced by yellow gold. It’s not a new concept, but reimagined in a REALLY exciting way; thus, speaking to what is happening with yellow gold in the jewelry industry.  

Moving forward, Worthmore Jeweler’s strongest fashion trend is yellow gold.  Below are the most exciting examples of what we’re talking about…

To sum it up, it saddens me that Karl Lagerfeld is no longer with us.  I’m sure he’s hanging out with all of his contemporaries in a very cool place.  However, his impact will be felt for years to come… RIP Karl

Karl Lagerfeld – Long Time Creative Director for Chanel and Fendi