Rough cuts, salt and pepper, rustic, raw, black, red, yellow, and gray are all ways to describe these very special diamonds. Although, not a traditional diamond look, they are still rare beauties created by mother nature.  You can find these diamonds in all sorts of unique shapes, colors, and, just like us, they each have their own individual characteristics.  I guess you can consider them to be the more organic member of the diamond family.  Like all family members, they are equally loved, just different.

Rough cut diamonds are great for people who love design.  When using these stones, every finished product is unique because each piece is designed to fit the diamond; not the diamond to fit a readymade mounting.  Designers who embrace this concept enjoy the process because they truly are making a one of a kind piece.  These pieces give the wearer a chance to express their individuality, and offer a great feeling about owning a unique treasure.

Ultimately, if you’re someone who enjoys expressing their individuality especially through fine jewelry, a rough-cut diamond piece may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Remember, jewelry is emotional and often the piece picks you even though you think you’re picking the piece.

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