Worthmore Holiday Trunk Show

Meet Belle Brooke in Person

December 9, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. in Midtown
December 10, Noon – 5:30 p.m. in Decatur
Come in and see an expanded collection of her sterling, gold and diamond pieces plus one-of-a-kind designs!
Belle has been passionate about art, photography and goldsmithing since her college days in California. That passion was formally incorporated as Belle Brook Designs, Inc. in 2006 and has received numerous awards and been featured in many international publications. She has since made her home and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she finds balance in nature, art and life.
“An effervescent matrix of tiny circles balances strong lines in each of my collections, creating a movement and flow akin to that of a living organism. From this, symmetry and harmony merge in otherwise asymmetrical designs. Each design incorporates bot yin and yang energy to realize its fullest composition.
“The circle is present in our universe on all levels, from microscopic examination of the tiniest organism to the largest, most incomprehensible ball of everything, the universe itself. It symbolizes flow, completion, cycles and most importantly, harmony. The wearer shall be grounded in the power of the circle. Chaos is present in all of us an in everything; each piece represents the power to organize from within.”

Reactor Watches



Come by this Saturday in Midtown and Sunday in Decatur to meet our Reactor representative and view the complete collection!




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