Vegas: An Abridged Recap Part 3

Hey y’all, Watch this!

Mmmmmmm…watches *said in a Homer Simpson voice*

PS Did you hear he and Marge aren’t getting divorced after all? WHEW! Sorry, sorry I know we need to focus.

The first stop on our watch list was Reactor.  In case any of you haven’t been in and seen the video of one of these watches being used as a leader to catch a bull shark (for real), these are really ruggedly built sport watches. At Reactor we got to see all their newness that included two limited edition pieces set for fall release. Umm-hmm, that’s right.  I said limited edition.  Mmmmmm….limited edition.  They are releasing one ladies and one gent’s piece with a new proprietary finish that not only is new to the line but the watch industry in general.  Each watch will be a run of 100 (that’s not a lot). We have only been promised one so, if you like this little sneak peek we will be happy to pre-sell it to you. If we have lots of interest in this piece we might have a Jell-o wrestling contest to see who gets to buy it but, we’re still working on those details.

I mean, how fun is that? While we were in their booth the watch press was all over this. The ladies piece would be the PERFECT gift for the mermaid in your life. What, you don’t know any mermaids???  Oh.  Maybe that’s just us.  Reactor says they “have the best time”, because they do.

After Reactor and mermaid watches on the floor it was time to go to Swiss Watch up in the suites. It is easier to get in to Ft. Knox, just so you know. We have to make our appointments ahead of time and then you show up and they verify your appointment and identity and after you show 5 forms of ID,  a business card, vaccination record, voter registration card and picture of yourself in a zebra suit they print you a schedule of your appointments and the velvet ropes part for your trip up to the suites. I would like to tell you that upon exiting the elevator everything is bathed in a soft white light, there are angels singing and you’re lead through the watch Promised Land by unicorn fawns, but it’s really just a bunch of closed doors with banners outside.  Wah-wah.  I think the unicorns are at Baselworld for sure.  Anyway, we had two appointments to see Hamilton and Ball.

Hamilton is Swiss American classic and for the most part that’s what they’re serving us, classic designs with high quality Swiss movements. There really is no brand that compares with them in the quality to price game, especially when we’re talking automatic movements under $1000.  The most exciting thing we saw from them in the Basel newness was the new Elvis 80.  Most everyone familiar with Hamilton is well versed in the trillion shaped Ventura.  This piece was first made famous by Elvis and re-famed by the Men In Black franchise.  Since Elvis wore it, it has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers (too soon?) and this is the newest.

The dial face is larger but the contour on the case fits comfortably even on a smaller wrist. The main feature is the eighty hour power reserve. (80!) The rubber strap version is very wearable but we all know the flex band is the way the King would have wanted it.

Leave Hamilton suite. Go past security guard giving the stank eye. Take elevator up one floor to Ball suite.

Ball is definitely a design innovator and risk taker.  There is a new larger redesign of the Skindiver which we were excited to see as well as some new ladies pieces.  Ball’s newest technology we were most in to is a new design that actually incorporates tritium in to the bezel.  Talk about a night view! We have ordered some great new pieces from Ball, but since Swiss watchmakers are the only people on earth who aren’t concerned with delivery time, when we will actually recieve these new watches is a little up in the air. You know us and we will let you know the minute they arrive. We also got to meet Ariel Adams from A Blog To Watch at Ball. Which we thought was pretty freakin’ cool. If you love watches you are probably already reading his blog but just in case you are loving watches from underneath a rock follow this link. //

Leave Ball suite pass other security guard giving you the stank eye. Go down elevator. Back past the lady that gave you the colonoscopy before you could go up to the suites and go all the way out to the shuttle that takes you across town to the Couture show. 15 minute bus ride. Get new badge. Go see Shinola. Wait. No. There is a beverage station at Couture.  Stop there.  Then go see Shinola.

This was our second show to visit Shinola and anybody who has been in our store knows how much we love this brand. Seeing their newness is especially exciting. Watching this American company grow feels good in our hearts. New things that we will be seeing from them this fall are straps made of football leather, a new rose colored dial, and a new ladies Brakeman.  All amazing. But the crown jewels of this collection are the new stone dials. Sleeping beauty turquoise, tigers eye and malachite. You may have heard our squeal of delight all the way from Vegas.  Each dial will be offered on a leather strap and a bracelet except the malachite.  It will be on leather strap only. We will have these up on social as soon as they are in the store. If you want one, get ‘em while they’re hot. We don’t expect these to be in the case long.

Hope you aren’t too tortured by these fall delivery sneak peeks.  We are anticipating most of these will be in the store in time for Worthmore’s Watchtoberfest (details coming soon!)

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